Forward Lunge with Pulses
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5 Easy Exercises for Sexy Legs and Glutes

Not everyone can find the time or money for the gym — and sometimes you really don’t have to!

Thankfully there are a lot of quick and easy exercise routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home! With so many free online tutorials, you’re only one click away to those killer legs you’ve always wanted.

5 Easy Exercises for Sexy Legs and Glutes


1)   Forward Lunge with Pulses

Lunges are essential to achieving amazingly fit legs and glutes. Jennifer Cohen, a Health and Fitness Expert shows us a quick and easy Forward Lunge with Pulses that you can do anywhere in your home.

Do 3 sets of 8 and then increase your reps by 2 for more of a challenge.

Forward Lunge with Pulses

Photo Source: AskMen

Try this video from Youtube


2) Pyramid Squats

This Pyramid Squat will take your Glute workout to the next level. A classic routine with such amazing results, this workout excels off of appropriate posture and form. You should feel the burn right in your glutes and thighs by your first rep. Start with 3 sets of 10. Layla Luciano demonstrates how it’s done.

How to Do a Squat

Photo Source: HowCast

Learn how to do a proper squat with Howcast


3) Jump Squats!

Yes, we said JUMP! Imagine combining a jump with a squat. The results could not be anything else but mean and lean, accentuating the toned definition in your thighs and glutes when incorporated into your workout. The Jump Squat is also great for getting your heart rate up.

Leyla Luciano shows how we can do Jump Squats right at home. Try 3 sets of 5 to start.

How to Do a Jump Squat

Photo Source: HowCast

Learn how to do a proper jump squat on Howcast


4)  Outer and Inner Thigh Kick Stretch

Fitness Magazine shows us how effective the Thigh Kick Stretch can actually be. Not only is it a great thigh toner, it’s a fun way to use what you already have at home! Take any firm standing chair for this workout and begin to feel the burn. Try 3 sets of 10 to start.

Outer and Inner Thigh Kick

Photo Source: Fitness Magazine

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5)  Standing Glute Toner

Similar to the Thigh Kick Stretch, this exercise triggers a different muscle. You can really feel it defining your glutes as soon as you begin. In order to have great thighs, you have to work on building defined glutes as well for everything to balance out nicely. Cynthia Sass will demonstrate how to do this easy workout. Don’t put that chair away just yet because you’re going to need it. Try 3 sets of 10.

Standing Glute Toner

Photo Source: Health Magazine

Try this video on Youtube


There are 5 quick and easy leg exercises that you can do right at home! Remember that exercise will always have better results when accompanied with an appropriate diet specialized for you and your needs. Have fun, and make sure to keep us posted on your progress!


For educational purposes only.

This information has not been evaluated by a medical professional. The results reported may not necessarily occur in all individuals. Remember to always consult with your physician before you try these workouts, especially if you have experienced any type of health issues or injuries previously. Please be advised: you should always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle!!

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