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Feel Happier With These Simple Houseplants

As much as I love a fresh bunch of flowers, keeping live houseplants is an entirely different game.

Houseplants not only add life and color to your home décor, but they also work as a natural air purifier, home fragrance, and humidifier, which may even go as far as helping dry skin or sore throats.  Studies have shown that being in a room with live plants can help improve your focus and sense of well-being as well as decreasing blood pressure and anxiety.

Long story short, keeping plants indoors can have the same de-stressing benefits as taking a walk in a lush, green park.

If you’ve never been a plant parent before or feel that you might have the opposite of a green thumb, don’t worry, there are many house plants that can bring color and life to your space that are inexpensive and low-maintenance. Here are a few easy-to-care-for options to consider :


1. Kitchen Herbs

Do you find yourself frequenting the market to resupply on fresh herbs? While dried herbs are just as good for many recipes, there’s nothing like fresh basil for pesto or cilantro for tacos.  Kitchen herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, and parsley are not only easy to grow in containers indoors, but can also be used in so many recipes, skin and hair treatments, and new and interesting cocktails.

Mint grows quickly and will fill up whatever container you put it in.  Basil is great with everything – pastas, salads, pizzas, sauces – and will keep your kitchen smelling fresh while purifying your indoor air.

What other herbs are commonly used? Read here for more about 6 Kitchen Herbs to Grow In Your Kitchen


2. Succulents

Keeping a cactus indoors may sound off-putting, but you may be surprised to find that there are a variety of succulents that are beautiful and well-contained.  Succulents can be kept in small containers or in a terrarium, which is a small, enclosed (or open) glass container.  Closed terrariums have a unique self-sustainable ecosystem all their own because water naturally distributes throughout the soil and air.

When there’s no sunlight, many plants begin to take in oxygen and put out carbon dioxide, just like humans do. Succulents, however, continue to do just the opposite.  They keep taking in carbon dioxide and putting out oxygen, even at night, which makes for continuous air purification.


houseplants-aloe-vera3. Aloe Vera

We are all familiar with the plentiful uses of aloe for your hair, skin, and consumption, to help you detox from the inside out.  Aloe Vera is easy to grow and keep indoors and has so many uses, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be in your home. While Aloe can grow three feet high outdoors, you can easily keep a smaller plant in a sunny indoor space.  Like succulents, Aloe likes dry soil, so it doesn’t need much watering.

Is your hair dry and thirsty?  There’s aloe for that.



4. Kalanchoes

Kalanchoes love sunny windowsills and are a popular house plant because of their bright blooms. This flowering plant is also a succulent and its blooms come in pink, red, orange, yellow, and white.  Kalanchoes are easy to grow and their flowers remain for quite a few months.  These may be small, but Kalanchoes can grow from 6 to 12 inches in height and also come in hanging and non-flowering varieties.

Having trouble picking a container for a fresh bouquet?  Check out our favorite vases for spring… or any season!



5. Weeping Fig Tree

For those of you ready for a larger plant in your home, the Weeping Fig is ideal for corners.  As long as it has bright lighting and drained soil, you can pretty much leave it alone.  In fact, it prefers to be left undisturbed.  If you like the look but not the size of a tree, Weeping Figs also come in miniature size, which grow only up to 3 feet tall.

Enjoy this post? Learn more about how plants can affect energy in your space here.

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