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5 Easy Ways To Love Your Feet

Our feet are constantly under pressure (literally) and two of the most neglected parts of our body. So, why not give your hard-working pair some love?

By: Tammy Murga

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As the foundation of your physical anatomy, keeping your feet strong and healthy guarantees a stable and happier you.

But sometimes we put our feet under stressful environments, for instance, when we wear high heels for an extensive amount of time, not allowing for sufficient blood flow. Not to worry – here are five ways you can bring

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love back to your feet.

1. Treat Yourself to a DIY Massage

A back massage is always soothing and does just the job as a relaxing de-stressor. Likewise, quick foot massages can have the same stress-lowering benefits as a back or full-body rubdown.

Make it a routine after work or when you want to skip a trip to the spa. Just grab your favorite essential oil and follow this step-by-step foot massage by SheCare.

Ready to find your massage oil? Check these out!

2. Exfoliate Your Tootsies

We’ve all had those sandals stuck feet-summer-dress-sandalsin the closet because our feet weren’t in the best of shape for them to come out. But learning to exfoliate our overworked tootsies can make all the difference. Short on time? Use a pumice stone or diamond file right before a shower. Or try a lavender eucalyptus foot scrub on your down time. No matter your exfoliating tool of preference, the key is to be consistent.

3. Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Just as we moisturize our face after cleansing, our feet need the same kind of love, too. After you wash or exfoliate, apply foot creams that contain ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, or peppermint. These natural ingredients hydrate and nourish overworked skin with their omega-3 fatty acid properties.

Is your skin overworked? Try this mask!


4. Go Au Naturel

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We work hard to keep our feet ready for our favorite sandals or heels, but giving them time

to be shoe-free is vital. Try to ditch shoes and socks for short periods every day.

Practice grounding by walking barefoot outside to connect with the earth’s energy with the soles of your feet. This simple practice has shown to reduce stress and aid better sleep.

Here’s another exercise you can try barefoot right now!

5. Love is Wearing Comfy Shoes

Beauty hurts sometimes. But health issues hurt more.
You know, the ones like ingrown toenails, calluses, sore heels, or just all-around smelly feet. To avoid these issues, wear shoes that are not too tight or too loose. Show just the right amount of love by supporting your arches and reducing any points of pressure – your shoes should never pinch or squeeze any part of your feet.

After all, our feet take us from place to place, no matter the terrain or shoe and hopefully will for all our lives. Let’s return the love with some daily TLC, so they can keep on giving.

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