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6 Food Combinations To Fight Cancer

Did you know that eating certain combinations of foods together can help your body fight cancer and other illnesses?

As we become increasingly aware of the kinds of ingredients and foods we put into our bodies, it makes perfect sense to enjoy meals that are not only delicious and healthy, but also benefit us with the added bonus of protection from many other diseases.  

By: Elizabeth Toy

Food synergy uses the nutrients in our food, including vitamins, minerals, and and phytochemicals – to combine forces and work even more powerfully than they would alone – to boost your health and even fight cancer.

Check out these 6 different combinations of foods and recipes to maximize the effectiveness of each ingredient as they work together on the same team.


1. Broccoli + Tomatoes

When tomatoes and broccoli come together, you get a loaded portion of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and lycopene, which help fight cancer, especially that of the breast and prostate variety. What’s more, cooking tomatoes maximizes their benefits even more than eating them raw, making the Healing Tomato’s Broccoli Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes perfect for dinner.



2. Red Beans + Brown Rice

If you love Latin, Caribbean, and West African cuisine, you’re more than familiar with the classic beans and rice combination. What’s not to like? They are versatile and keep well in the pantry. It’s no wonder they’re a staple across the globe. Not only does this combination fight cancer, but when you put them together, they form a complete protein, which can help you build muscle. If you’d love something savory and smokey, try Emilie Eats’ recipe for Cajun Style Red Beans and Rice.

Keen on beans? Try incorporating them into the Ultimate Vegan Chili.


3. Turmeric + Black pepper

Turmeric contains curcumin, which offers a number of benefits, such as pain relief, liver detox, and it’s also an anti-inflammatory. But when you add black pepper to the mix, it takes things to a whole new level when it comes to fighting cancer. Try Barefeet In The Kitchen’s healthy side of Turmeric Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans and don’t forget to grind that fresh black pepper on top before you dig in.

Check out these 3 Indian recipes with Turmeric.

bruschetta-tomato-avocado-cancer-fighting4. Avocado + Tomato

Whether you’re having them in a sandwich, salsa, or salad, avocados and tomatoes simply belong together.  With the help of avocado’s good fats, the carotenoids, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, are amplified. And, studies have shown that those who consume more than 10 servings of tomatoes  reduce their risks of breast and prostate cancer considerably.  Serve this perfect Avocado Bruschetta with Balsamic Reduction at your next party!

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5. Oatmeal + Strawberries (or Blueberries)

Any whole grains in general help fight cancer, heart disease, and inflammation. But add strawberries or blueberries into them for an extra boost in antioxidants – specifically ellagic acid, which is known to fight cancer. Perfect for breakfast and already a meal in itself, you’ll wonder if you’re really eating healthy because it just tastes so good! Check out Bakerita’s indulgent (gluten-free and vegan) recipe for Chocolate Oatmeal and strawberries.


Green Tea + Lemon

If you’re feeling thirsty or just need to warm up, reach over for your green tea and don’t forget the lemon wedge. While green tea already contains a high dosage of catechins, a natural antioxidant to fight cancer, heart disease, and cholesterol, a squeeze of lemon helps your body retain 80% more of the catechins to fight the good fight.

More tea, anyone? Curl up with a hot cup of ginger tea this winter.

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