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Kimberly’s Quick Guide To Keep Your Flowers Fresh

By: Kimberly Elise

Here are some tips to make your freshly cut bouquet of flowers bloom for days and sometimes even weeks and weeks.

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  1. Grab a vase and clean it with dish washing liquid. Remove all the soap thoroughly and dry it. I like to get creative with my vases and use old wine bottles or interesting glass shapes.Need some inspiration? Check out these vases we love for spring.
  2. Add a drop of bleach to the vase. Bleach kills the bacteria that diminish the flowers’ blooms. I like to leave bleach in water with the flowers for just a few hours.
  3. Use plant food mixed with cold water. Hopefully your bouquet came with food. Mix it with cold water, or as directed. When there’s no packet or I’ve run out, I use a Miracle Gro formula, designed for Fresh Cut Flowers. Change the water every 24-36 hours.Got a green thumb and a palate for fresh flavors? Grow these 6 herbs in your kitchen for both lovely foliage and delicious food.
  4. Remove dying leaves and petals consistently, so that they don’t disturb the other thriving petals with their decomposing chemicals.

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Below are more tips to keep your bouquet of cut flowers fresher for longer.

  1. Choose freshly-cut flowers. I like to get them in the morning while I’m running weekend errands.
  2. Cut off an inch of the stem before putting it in the vase. I think the florist cuts the stems best, but if it isn’t a freshly-cut, quality flower, then I snip off the end.
  3. Cut the stem at a diagonal – a 45-degree angle, to be precise. This exposes more surface area of the stem to the water so your bouquet can drink up even more.
  4. Cut your stems underwater. This helps prevent the flowers from taking in air bubbles, which may later pose a challenge for the flowers to continue to take in water.
  5. Don’t let any of the foliage to dip into the water because it can add to the bacteria.

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Do you have any tips to help extend the life of your bouquet? We’d love to know! Share with us in the comments below.


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