Ways To Get More Energy
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10 Easy Ways to Get More Energy

So, we don’t mean to brag, but have you seen Kimberly’s super hot bod in her new Ad for PETA?

If you haven’t, then you’re definitely missing out. Believe us when we say at age 47, Kimberly has more energy than the average teenager! During Kimberly’s Interview with PETA, she mentioned having an increase in energy since going vegan. This had us thinking of some more ways anyone could achieve the same outcome.

Check out these simple steps that will help you preserve and restore your energy throughout the day.


10 Easy Ways to Get More Energy


1. No Snoozing!

As much as you’d like to hit that snooze button, it’s something that tends to become a bit of a habit.

Though it might seem like snoozing 20 minutes away can’t do any harm, it actually does. It creates an instant delay in your day and also sets your mood and energy back into a tiresome state.

Try re-locating your alarm clock by placing it far away from you, so you actually have to get up and walk to it.

Challenge yourself to wake up on time for the next 7 days, and compare the difference in your energy level.


2. Let There Be Light

One of the first things you should do after getting out of bed is open the curtains. Allow some natural sunlight into your space to wake you up and stimulate your senses.

Research done by The National Stroke Association shows that exposure to daylight can increase your mood, alertness and even thinking abilities. It’s a great start to your day.


3. Morning Juicing

Ways To Get More EnergyKimberly definitely encourages daily juicing from her personal experience of improved health and energy.

Not only is Kimberly all for juicing, but the Huffington Post stated in a recent research article that juicing does in fact give you more energy! If you’re unaware of juicing and how it works, KimberlyElise.com has a great article on juicing, and how to improve your energy instantly.


4. Morning Run

Running experts from The Clymb®, recommend early morning running as a great way to tackle your entire day because the blood flow and movement will quickly warm up your body and senses, leaving you ready to tackle the day.

If you’re not into running, then even a light speed walk can do the trick as well.


5. Make Healthier Choices

When all the sweet treats at the office are having a stare down with you, it could get really hard to avoid the temptation. As hard as it might be, remember that the overly processed sugar snacks only give you a temporary energy boost. It’s better to reach for the lonely fruit tray that will give you a healthier boost of energy and have you feeling great!


6. Take The Stairs

Taking the elevator or escalator might come naturally throughout the day. However, it could be a better idea to try taking the stairs every now and then.

When you’re feeling a little slouchy or weary, try tackling the staircase to wake yourself up and get your adrenalin pumping again.


7. Turn Up The Music

Music is recognized as another brain stimulant that can definitely help you wake up in the morning and activate your mental ability to conquer your daily duties.

There’s just something about music that really gets you happy and energized! Try ditching your daily radio news station, and try playing some fun tunes in your car.


Vegan-Snack8. Indulge in an Evening Snack

The evening time, right before dinner is usually the time when most of us tend to feel a little restless with minimum energy. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of protein.

If this is something you’ve noticed about yourself, just make sure to carry a bag of trail mix for these trying moments. Go heavy on the dried fruit and high protein packed nuts. If you’re allergic to nuts, try a homemade bean dip with veggie sticks.

9. Freshen’ Up

It might sound silly, but taking a minute to freshen up in the restroom can really impose a mental state of rejuvenation. Freshening up your makeup, or reapplying your lip-gloss and body-mist could help you continue your day energized as if it just began.

10. Avoid Midnight Lurking

Our brains can really play tricks on us. Sometimes when we crave a midnight snack, it’s our brain telling us that it’s past our bedtime.

If you’re feeling hungry at midnight when you just had dinner at 7 then it’s surely a sign that you just need some sleep. If you really can’t help your urge to snack, try drinking a little water to manipulate your craving, then quickly hit the sack.

Eating late at night, will only keep you up longer and have you feeling extra tired the morning after.


There you have it! 10 easy ways to get more energy! Try these simple suggestions and let us know how they’re working for you.

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