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Thank Your Mom At Gracias Madre Restaurant In Los Angeles



Nestled in between high-end boutiques and designer galleries in WeHo, Gracias Madre is an inviting and chic restaurant that serves vegan Mexican comfort food.

Their outdoor patio is gorgeous, tastefully decorated, and accented with Spanish tilework, colorful cushions, and lush foliage. Indoors, their vaulted ceiling and rustic accents create a sleek and stylish space.

Equally as impressive is their menu, organic locally-sourced, seasonal vegan Mexican fare. Although Matthew and Terces Engelhart have recently come under controversy, their food is 100% plant-based, sourcing their produce from local farmers and their own Be Love Farm.

Gracias Madre serves incredible lunches and dinners, but where it really shines is brunch.

At any brunch place, I waver between getting something that either satisfies my craving for something savory or something sweet. Luckily at Gracias Madre, you can get both by ordering family-style.


For your sweet tooth, I recommend starting with lemon scones and plantain french toast accompanied by an incredible coconut cashew cream. For those wanting something more savory, the tofu ranchero scramble and chimichanga pack a flavorful punch. Though I love tortas, the flavor of the tortas kind of gets lost in the amount of bread served. Their flautas de papas, or deep-fried sweet potato tacos in a thin, crispy shell is the standout winner for starters.


For very indecisive guests, getting their uno, dos, or tres bowl is a great way to sample the signature flavors, have a little bit of everything, and have your curiosity and appetite satisfied. Their desserts are a decadent treat. Their flan has an unbelievably creamy texture and consistency, the peanut butter cup has an incredible rich ganache punctuated by raw cacao, and their rhubarb cobbler with vanilla coconut ice cream is top-notch.

Though the drinks can be pricey, starting at $14, a visit to Gracias Madre is incomplete without sampling their presentation-perfect cocktails.

Gracias Madre creates the boozy snowcones and tequila popsicles that pop up all over your Instagram feed, but if you’re looking for something less gimmicky, it has a full bar that focuses on small-batch mezcals and tequilas.


The same attention and dedication to organic food is applied to their cocktails. Their syrups and mixtures are all homemade and prepared with local produce. My favorite seasonal drinks are their Matcha Do About Nothing, essentially an adult boba drink made with green tea and tequila (seasonally available) and their Sorry Ms. Jamson smoky mezcal married with apricot jam topped with an edible flower.

L.A. gets a lot of flack for our fussy trend-fueled diets, our gluten free-morsels, cayenne spiked cleanses, and ghee laced coffee, the object of ire and eyerolls. But Gracias Madre is the real deal, serving meatless Mexican food that impresses in a luxurious but accessible atmosphere.

Tip: They no longer have valet parking and you will have to find parking elsewhere., The parking spaces available directly by the restaurant have, unfortunately, a 20 minute maximum.


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Photo Source: Gracias Madre

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