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Hello, Summer!

One of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to us is the mark of change through the seasons.

Even if you live in a climate where the 4 seasons aren’t quite as clear-cut, like myself, who grew up in Minnesota which sometimes felt like one long winter season, the changes are there and those changes are an opportunity for us to all evolve, mutate, break from our cocoons, grow, or rest – in alignment with whatever the season may be.

And so now… Summer… Ahhhhh…

Once Memorial Day weekend passes and the kids are having their final days of school, we truly know that spring is beginning to recede and summer is on the cusp of emerging.

Sexy summer legs? Don’t mind if I do!

While spring brought new beginnings, summer is a time for settling in and absorbing the changes and transitions around us.

Parents must absorb the fact that their child has completed one grade and is in that in-between before the next grade, while children learn to swim, have sleepovers, and visit cousins.

Get your secret weapon out! It’s gonna be a scorcher!

Summer is the season of weddings and relocation of residences – new family, new homes, new jobs – a time to begin to create new routines and traditions – some of which may last for a lifetime.

Don’t forget the horchata for that backyard get-together!

Summer is also the time of vacations, refueling our energy with longer days to rest and enjoy life, further solidifying our connections with our families while together, we explore hobbies and new activities that are outside the norm of what we do the rest of the year.

Summer is a time to both discover the new (camping in the Grand Canyon) and to take more quality time with the old (visiting Grandma and Grandpa in the town we grew up in).


Find out how to grow and blossom this summer.

It is also during summer that all of the creatures of the planet come out to enjoy the air, the sun, the wind, the earth and all thatMother Nature has to offer.

To me, summer is the season of the year when Mother Nature says to us all,

“Come out, come out! Bare soul-ed and bare foot. Run through my grass, swim in my waters, climb my trees, lay under my sky. Enjoy me, embrace me, wrap yourself around me. It’s summer! Let me love you, while you love your life!”

Yes! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a tree to climb!

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    June 21, 2017 at 3:54 am

    This was a reflection of my past summers as well as my present summer, all summed up in one blog post. It made me very nostalgic, yet excited about all the changes that are about to occur in my life. Truly love this post.

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