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Homemade Nut Milk, 3 Different Ways

 Nuts are a vegan cook’s best friend. Their adaptability in the kitchen is deliciously healthful, and you don’t need a carton to prove it.

Not only is homemade nut milk easy to execute, but the outcome provides a blank canvas for your culinary creativity to shine through.

By: Mallory Diekmann

There is no shortage of dairy-alternative milks these days.

Grocery store shelves are filled with nut milks of all kinds and flavors. From almond to cashew-blends and chocolate to toasted coconut, you could try a new “milk” every week and never get bored. But why stop at the grocery store’s offering when you can create nut milks in your own kitchen?

Making homemade nut milks is more cost-effective and eliminates preservatives and extra (potentially) harmful ingredients from your glass.

Practically any nut can become a “milk,” but here are three of my favorites.



Almond Milk

This simple recipe from the Wellness Mama involves soaking almonds overnight, blending them with water and straining the liquid through cheesecloth.

If you prefer your nut milk with a little sweetness, you can add vanilla or soaked dates.

The mixture stays fresh in the fridge for up to one week – so drink up!


Cashew Milk

Tori Avey follows the same principles as the Wellness Mama in her Creamy Cashew Milk.homemade-nut-milks

Once again, the nuts are soaked for at least eight hours, blended with water, a dash of salt, and your choice of sweetener (Tori listed agave, dates, or vanilla as great options).

The salt really brings out the flavor of the cashews and balances the whole drink.

Tori recommends using a nut bag to achieve the smoothest and most pleasant milk. This cashew milk keeps for 3-4 days.

Did you know you can make vegan cheese, too? Check out these cheesy recipes using homemade cashew cheese.


 homemade-nut-milksCoconut Milk

Coconut milk is richer end on the scale of nut milks, producing a velvety texture and filling drink that almost feels like dessert.

While some debate whether or not coconut milk counts as nut milk, it is definitely delectable. Whole New Mom’s Coconut Milk is easy and luxurious. This recipe doesn’t require straining; it is simply shredded coconut blended with water and a sweetener, if you so choose.

Make sure you use unsweetened coconut, or you will be very surprised with your end result.

Andrienne suggests finely-shredded coconut, or using a coffee grinder to make the flakes smaller. Once again, I highly recommend adding that dash of salt – it will change everything.

The possibilities of coconut milk are endless – try this DIY Avocado-Coconut Deep Conditioner For Stronger Hair.

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                                 Alchemy 27 also contains coconut oil to nourish and protect your tresses.

Utilize Your Canvas

With these basic recipes, you can explore different flavors and combinations; chocolate is a great addition to all these nuts. Use your homemade nut milks in your favorite smoothie recipe, like the almond milk in this Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie. Or switch up your baking routine by replacing almond milk with your cashew milk, like in this Vegan French Toast recipe.

What nut milk is your favorite? Share how you switch up the traditional nut milk, or how you incorporate them into your favorite recipes!

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