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How Being Single Can Help You Find The One

If you can’t love yourself, how can you love somebody else?

Relationships can be beautiful. However, it’s easy to get sucked into the emotions and intimacy of it all. There seems to be a constant search for “the one.” Date after date, relationship after relationship… And suddenly, we feel lost. Either because we rush into things too quickly, or because we’re too busy chasing the light, blinding ourselves from what we actually want.

Yes, being in a relationship can be amazing. But being single can be just as rewarding. So why not take the time to love yourself? Here’s how being single can end up helping you find the one.

By: Jason Suerte Felipe

Loving yourself is where you’ll find true love.

We tend to forget the most important relationship we have is with ourselves. How can we continue to chase love, if we don’t give ourselves an opportunity to figure out who we are and what we want?


Oftentimes, being single is seen in a negative light. But we never stop to consider the positive effects it can bring us. Relationships are a great learning experience, but there are a few important things being single can teach you that a relationship can’t.

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Being single shifts your focus to the number one person in your life: You.

With time and effort, you can learn new things about yourself to love and embrace. And once you love yourself, once you’re ready, it’ll be easier to find that special someone.

Recently I had a discussion with a friend about understanding our own values and finding love. She told me:

“Know your worth.”


Three simple words that can impact your entire life. We have to learn to have a positive opinion of ourselves and trust that we deserve to be happy.

That happiness starts with us.

Being single does not have to be such a negative thing. Often, we are so focused on maintaining relationships that we forget our self-worth. The love we have for ourselves is such a necessary factor for growth and happiness.

True love starts with you.

We can never expect to be happy if we aren’t happy with who we are. By being single, we give each other time to really evaluate and appreciate ourselves.

Being single isn’t a terrible thing. And we shouldn’t feel bad or feel the need to rush into a relationship to avoid singlehood.  The more time we spend with ourselves, the more we learn how to love.

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Being happy and single can lead you to self-love. And that can help you in the long-run. Below are 3 ways being single can benefit you.

1. You Know What You’re Looking For


The time you spend being single gives you the opportunity to reevaluate what you want in life. You have the freedom to express yourself and discover new things that will lead you to a happier, better life. Additionally, by the time you are ready to find a partner, you already know what you are looking for because you know you.

Devote time to yourself to help figure out what makes you happy.

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2. You’re Happy, Not Just Comfortable

Being happy means being able to be yourself. Be happy in your own skin, and accept your flaws and blemishes. Being single allows you to grow and develop into your best self. We shouldn’t settle for anything less. However, we have to allow ourselves to find happiness within ourselves in order to find happiness with someone else.

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3. You Can Let Go Of The Past And Live In The Present

To find self-love and true love, we have to let go of the past. Being single gives you time to rid your mind of negativity and toxicity. Additionally, you develop self-esteem and realize your worth. Your life will be healthier and more positive if you let go of the baggage and start living today.

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Finding the right relationship is never easy. It takes plenty of time, patience, and effort. Along the way, we tend to lose track to what really matters – ourselves. Being single can teach us that it is okay to be selfish.

Self-love is giving yourself the time to appreciate what you have to offer.

And above all, love starts with you. So start embracing what you have.

What do you enjoy most about being single? Share with us in the comments!

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