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How To Eat Like You’re A Vegan: 5 Easy Ways To Slim Down

I know what you’re thinking, “I could never give up gooey melted cheese or rich dark chocolates, even for a day!”

Did you know that vegans have longer lifespans, lower blood pressures, and lower body fat indexes? Rather than denying yourself food, try to be more conscious of your diet, and how your consumption habits impact your body. If you follow some of the tips below, you may feel lighter, more energized.

Eat Like A Vegan

How To Eat Like A Vegan


1. Replace Milk With A Dairy-Free Alternative

Americans drink milk for its crisp, fresh taste, and its perceived nutritional  benefits, namely calcium. However, many individuals experience cramping, bloating, gas, and diarrhea due to dairy intake, without even realizing it! There are delicious ways to drink your necessary calcium intake, without the uncomfortably (sometimes smelly) side effect of eating dairy.

There are a variety of great milk substitutes ranging from rice, oats, almond, and coconut. Rice milk tastes very light and is a great complement to smoothies. Unlike regular milk that can contain growth hormones, plant-based milk can sit without refrigeration on your shelf until you open it. Coconut milk is a very popular alternative which adds an extra sweet kick to green juices, coffee, and even thickens curries and soups.


2. Munch on Carobs, A Tasty Chocolate-like Treat

That’s right, carobs. Chocolates and carobs both come from seed pods from tropical areas. Both are roasted and ground into a powder but carobs have three times the amount of calcium. Carobs are also caffeine free and contain no saturated fats.

Add carobs to some trail mix or as substitutes to chocolate chips. Carob brownies are a delicious alternative to fudge brownies. Carob brownies are decadent raw treats you can make by processing or blending dates, coconut flakes (optional), and carobs. You can learn more about carobs here.

How To Eat Carbos

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3. Boost Your Day With Nutritional Yeast

Okay, the name might sound kind of funky, but nutritional yeast has a great savory and nutty flavor profile. It is deactivated yeast that comes in thin flaky or powdered form. Nutritional yeast is a great source of B12 vitamins, which are absent from many plant foods and added to diets via supplements. It is easy to add nutritional yeast to any dish. You can sprinkle it over popcorn, add a dash onto some pasta, and use it as a rich base to enhance flavor to any dish.



4. Replace Your Cheesy Sandwich With Cashew Cheese

Another popular cheese alternative are cashews. Although you won’t get a texture similar to cheese, cashews can provide the creaminess found in many dishes from dairy products. Adding cheese and filtered water through a blender or food processor can yield a very creamy spread. Although cashew cheese requires some preparation, it is customizable and versatile. Many people add garlic, lemon juice, and even nutritional yeast for a rich savory taste. You can even add basil, tomatoes, and chives as a great cheese spread alternative.


5. And If You Don’t like Cashew Cheese, Try Diaya

For people who love the gooey stringy consistency of melting cheese, Diaya is a great alternative. Diaya creates the kind of vegan product that matches cheese in consistency. Diaya creates many cheese alternatives in the form of shreds, slices, and wedges.



Over time your body adjusts to a nourishing, animal-product nutrient rich diet, and people often report feeling more energized. If you’re trying to go vegan, or implement a vegan lifestyle, try weaning yourself off certain foods like cheese and chocolate in staggered weeks. Challenge yourself to go a week or a day without milk and slowly work up to an all vegan diet.

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