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Tips To Feel Confident On Your Hair Journey

Whether you’ve been natural for years, or just did the Big Chop, there will always be good and bad hair days.

Here are some tips to feel confident and positive every step of the way on your natural hair journey. 


 Tips To Feel Confident On Your Hair Journey

1. Follow Natural Hair Bloggers Who Have A Similar Hair-type

It’s important to surround yourself with images of beauty that might not be in the mainstream media. Look for hair-crushes that have a similar hair type and texture as you. That way when you see a new style you know you can accomplish it on your hair without damage.

When you watch hair tutorials find a YouTube Vlogger with a similar curl pattern as you, so you can find out new products to use and methods of styling your hair that won’t leave damage.

Click here to discover some of our favorite Natural Hair Bloggers.


2. Experiment With Different Hairstyles

Maybe twist-outs work better than bantu knots for you, but you’ll never know until you try.

For a long time I thought I couldn’t do twist-outs on my type 4 hair, but then realized I just needed to do smaller twists for a more defined twist-out. Styling your hair is all about trial and error.

Figure out your type to figure out which styles work best for you.



3. Go To A Natural Hair Event

There are several natural hair expos that happen around the country and it’s a magical feeling being in a room with people who care about the health of their hair and that look like you. Kimberly Elise hosted her second Natural Hair Affair Event in April 2015 with an amazing turn out of hair stylists, bloggers, and natural women.

Natural Hair Affair Kimberly Elise

During the event women were able to ask questions and talk in a setting with women who all had the same goal in mind: healthy hair.

At most natural hair events you’ll have access to hair products and be able to participate in some type of dialog or open forum.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet other natural women and connect on social media to update each other on your hair.


4. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Not everyone will like your hair, especially if you’ve just made the decision to go natural. However, your truest friends will support you as you make the transition to a healthier you all over.

Make sure you eliminate negativity from your social circles and when you can’t avoid that negativity try to brush it off.

As well as surrounding yourself with positive people, think positive thoughts by listening to or saying positive affirmations everyday in the mirror.



5. Take Pictures Of Your Hair Progress

Sometimes it’s easy to think that your hair isn’t growing if you just look at in the mirror every day, but if you keep a hair photo journey you’ll be surprised at how much growth, shine, or thickness you can accomplish every week.

A hair journal will also let you know if your hair is looking dry and if you need to change up the products you use.

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