how to finger detangle curly hair
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How to Finger-Detangle Curly Hair

how to finger detangle curly hair

There are so many loveable attributes to curly hair – its versatility, playful texture, stylish capabilities.

Along with these pros come inevitable knots and tangles that we’ve all tried to avoid. Here’s how to safely finger-detangle your hair while minimizing breakage.

Video Tutorial by: Simply Bianca Alexa

  • Moisten hair with water, conditioner, and oil to create slippage. This is best done in the shower on wash day or during a co-wash.
  • Section your hair in quarters. For extra curly or kinky hair, create more parts within the sections. Secure with clips or elastic bands.
  • Working section by section, take a patch of hair and gently stretch your curls with your hand, not your fingers. This will loosen easy tangles.
  • If any tougher tangles are found, separate those strands from the rest of your hair.
  • Run your fingers through this section of your hair. Begin from the ends and work your way up to your roots.
  • Tiny knots are best released by adding more moisture and separating the strand with the knot from the other strands, one by one.

  • Grab the knot using your index finger and thumb. Pull out each strand from it that is not tangled.
  • In a downward motion, gently pull the knot from the strands. If done correctly, hair should not break or snap to loosen from knot, rather the knot should slip out on its own.
  • For stubborn knots, grab a pair of shears and snip the least amount of strands in order to rid your hair of the knot. Do not skip out on this step as tearing the knot out of your hair will cause unnecessary breakage.

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