follow your heart this fall
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How to Follow Your Heart & Center Yourself This Fall

follow your heart this fall

Now that it’s officially fall, there’s a certain calmness that fills my heart. I’m not sure if it’s because the rush (and heat) of the summer is finally over or if it’s because fall brings with it a feeling of warmth, family, and love.

Whatever it is, I welcome this season with open arms. Fall is the perfect time to center yourself and follow your heart. Whether you want to chase your dreams by starting a business, moving cross-country, or simply changing your hairstyle, this season makes it clear that if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

Some of us will be going back to school, starting a new job, or ending a summer relationship. This transitional time is great to regather your thoughts if you found yourself a little scattered after the summer, reclaim some goals, and spend some more time nurturing important relationships with your loved ones, including yourself. 

Here are a few ways to follow your heart this season with abandon and no regret.


Spend some time outdoors and in silence.

There is a something peaceful about spending time in nature whether it’s simply to observe it in silence or to appreciate the beautiful brown, orange, and yellow tones that fill up this time of year. Grab your favorite scarf, a blanket, and a canteen of Chai, and spend some time outdoors. You’ll find that serene silence will open you up to awareness of your inner-most thoughts, beliefs, and desires. You can even explore your town or city and find the nearest body of water and spend some time there. Water has been viewed as having cleansing properties physically and spiritually for centuries. Photo By: Greg Raines

Pray and meditate.

Whether you pray several times a day or once a week, prayer is a powerful tool in restoring balance and peace in your life. When you surrender your problems to a source higher than yourself, you release burdens that you don’t need. Here are Five Prayer Tips to Make Your Day Less Insane if you’re looking for ways to ease a hectic day with the use of prayer.

Fall is a good time to let go and release anything that is energetically holding you back from feeling lighter, happier, and more peaceful. Even if it’s a job that you don’t enjoy anymore or a relationship that has run its course, remember that anything that’s not meant for you, will fade away and anything or anyone that is meant to be in your life will come back and will be.

follow your heart fall love

Become a yogi.

Kimberly has some incredible tips on finding inner peace and balance and doing yoga is one of her go-tos. Yoga has been said to relieve stress as well as helping the student to center herself. If you are a beginner when it comes to yoga, read our Guide to Yoga to learn more about how yoga can benefit your life.


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