stop complaining show more gratitude
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How to Stop Complaining And Show More Gratitude

stop complaining show more gratitude

Science shows that it is not in our nature to first look at the positive when things are going wrong.

Because of our so-called “negativity bias,” we tend to talk about when our days do not go as planned as opposed to focusing on the situations that worked out in our favor. You’re familiar with the scenario: You come home from work and while on the phone with your best friend a series of rants arise: the kids were acting up on the way to school, you were late to work, your boss got on your nerves, you spilled coffee on your favorite blouse.

To make matters worse, you over-booked yourself so now you don’t have time for your weekly hair appointment. Everything that could have happened did and you’re now exhausted and frazzled.

How to Stop Complaining and Show More Gratitude

By: Tamara of Caramel Lattes & Stilettos

Your B.F. takes your complaining well and while you exhale, you probably did not notice that you only talked about the things that went wrong. Surely there were some things that went your way, but how often do we think about life through a positive lens?

When you live in a state of gratitude you will focus on all of the positive things rather than the negative. Showing gratitude is a conscious choice you make every moment of the day.

Sure, your boss got on your nerves and you were late to work, but you can choose to be grateful that you are employed. You spilled coffee on your blouse, but you can be thankful that you had the money to buy your morning cup of java. You had a car full of wild kids, but gratitude is being thankful that they are healthy and you got to use the carpool lane.


Somewhere, there is someone praying for the same exact luxuries that you take for granted on a daily basis.

What if you began to show more gratitude? How would your day change? Read “Three Ways to Get More in Life by Being Grateful” to get ideas on how to attract more in your life from gratitude.

There is so much to be thankful for throughout your day and in life in general. Today, be conscious and control your complaining.

Take the time to show more gratitude for the things we often overlook in life such as our jobs, our children, and our financial resources.

When you are tempted to complain, take it as an opportunity to turn your thoughts into positive ones.

There are many blessings to be seen in a day. It is your choice to notice them.

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Tamara is the founder of Caramel Lattes & Stilettos, a blog for women that focuses on love, relationships, women’s health, and parenting. Lover of words, flowers, and cupcakes, Tamara has a passion for writing. Tamara is a Jill of All Trades, working as a romance novel ghostwriter and a freelance makeup artist. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Tamara spent twelve years working as a licensed clinical social worker in Atlanta, GA. A mother of two; a twelve year old son & five year old daughter, Tamara is an avid Baltimore Ravens fan who can easily be bribed with a latte and a red velvet cupcake.

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