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Looking For Beauty Products You Can Trust? Beauty Heroes Founder Jeannie Jarnot Has You Covered!


Written by: Saskia Plumley

Founder of Beauty Heroes, Jeannie Jarnot understands the importance of delivering beauty products you can trust and is on a journey to “Make clean beauty a rule rather than an exception.”


After discovering toxic ingredients in spa industry products that may have contributed to her own infertility, Jeannie was curious. So she combined her passion and determination to establish a collection of beauty products that share the value of ethical transparency. This has driven Beauty Heroes from the get-go.

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Beauty Heroes‘ diverse collection of products is sourced from ethically-supportive brands.  This includes all products from hair and body to skincare, suncare, and makeup. That’s not all – Beauty Heroes also offers products for men.

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Each product contains ingredients that meet
a specific ingredient standard and is of the
highest organic and natural quality.

Jeannie is a true hero when it comes to finding toxin-free, ethically-sourced beauty products.

And if that wasn’t enough, the community feel of Beauty Heroes and its “Circle of Trust” establishes a deep connection to its mission and its brand. The brand ambassadors also add a sense of comfort to the experience of Beauty Heroes.

Everything from the packaging to ingredients and right back to the core mission reflects transparency, and ultimately,
beauty you can trust.



Actress Kimberly Elise asks her favorite cosmetologists, bloggers, celebrity stylists, and makers across the natural beauty realm how they do it.

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