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Join Kimberly Elise On A Detox To Destiny With Britta Aragon

detox destiny inner peace

If you joined Kimberly in her Natural Beauty Summit this month, then you may have already met Britta Aragon, founder of CV Skin Labs. If not, you can catch them both in their free 21-day free life cleanse called Detox to Destiny.

CV Skin Labs specializes in non-toxic skin care products, especially for sensitive skin. Get 15% off CV Skinlabs products when you use code: kimberly15 at checkout*.

Detox to Destiny is about unleashing your authentic self and breaking down any walls that are keeping you from achieving what you want in life, whether it’s an amazing relationship, an optimal body, a career you love, a flush bank account, or a goal like traveling the world or writing a novel.

Some people think their blockage is bad luck or karma. But there’s actually something very real inside you that is busy sabotaging your heart’s desires…… every day! What’s keeping you stuck in stress and struggle is actually a sophisticated collection of hidden inner blocks designed to keep you perpetually afraid.

They destroy your relationships, exhaust your body and keep you in scarcity and lack. They suck the freedom, joy, peace and success right out of your life!

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Removing these toxic blocks is the only way to grasp your heart’s desires and fulfill your true destiny.

But how do you break through them to access your true nature that is radiant, bold, calm and spacious? That easily manifests what you need, and KNOWS exactly how to flow and thrive???

There is a proven way! And I’d love to show it to you.

I’ve collaborated with some dear friends of mine, Britta Aragon and Bec Robbins, who specialize in identifying and dismantling these blocks… to help you break free from sabotaging so you can step into your most authentic life.

Together we’ve created a free 21-Day Life Cleanse called Detox to Destiny: Detox your Hidden Blocks to Finally Manifest Your Heart’s Desire and Unleash Your True Destiny!

Meet Britta and Bec + learn more about it here!

Let me assure you, this is no ordinary cleanse!

It’s a life-changing community of thousands of people just like you who are ready to release the toxic barriers from their mind, body and soul!

Every day, for 21 days, a specialized guide (including me) will lead you through an eye-opening Detox Master Class and give you effective, practical tools to tear down the invisible wall that’s been in your way for most of you life.

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You will receive personal strategies from fellow thought leaders, experts, NY Times bestselling authors, actors and leaders in the fields of health, abundance, purposeful living, spirituality, detox, love and emotional health. This is the equivalent of a mentor mastermind yet it is free of cost!

Prepare to detoxify your love life, your career, your money situation, your creative goals and your body. Plus receive plenty of support to implement what you learn through FREE live coaching calls, support materials and an online community to champion you!

I promise it’s a course unlike anything you’ve seen before, and I urge you to let us help you, so you can finally learn effective ways to master dissolving your blocks and step into your freedom!

And the best part is…’s totally free! All you have to do is click here and register right now!

Join us for 3 weeks and detoxify your life so you can finally manifest your most important desires and thrive in your true destiny!

See you there!

Discount code for CV Skin Labs valid until October 15, 2016

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