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Alchemy 27 Now Available In 1 Oz. Bottles | Natural Hair Care

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Kimberly Elise’s all-natural, powerful elixir for natural hair care is now available in 1 oz. bottles!


KIMBERLY ELISE NATURALS Alchemy 27 is for women who have experienced visible hair breakage due to environmental strains, such as everyday stress, heat-styling tools, hair pieces, or extensions. The formula uses pure, all-natural ingredients.Button Learn more

In Kimberly’s Words:

“My work causes a lot of stress on my hair. As a vegan, I am serious about natural, pure ingredients. I crafted Alchemy 27 for women who have visibly sparse hair or have experienced visible hair damage. Use just a few drops of Alchemy 27 and watch your natural beauty bloom.”

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“Alchemy 27 changed my life. My hair is tremendously fuller and feels amazing. It opened me up to the power of natural herbs and essential oils. I love it and I recommend it for anyone who’s looking for a natural hair routine. Add this to your hair program and you will not regret it.”

 Tisha Harris, customer


How To Use

Discover the 27 ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

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