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Kimberly’s Oil Cleansing Beauty Ritual

beautiful-flowerOnce upon a time, I would go through a whole big beauty routine before bed.

I would wash my face, exfoliate, use a mask, rinse, tone, and apply night time moisture! This took almost an hour every night! That’s way too much work. As I’ve grown to know my body and myself better over the years, I have found that simplicity works best for me. One of my favorite cleansers in the world is oil. Yep, oil. And yes, I have oily skin.

For those of you not aware of the oil cleansing method, I am thrilled to tell you about it!

Oil has been used as a method of cleaning the human body for thousands of years — long before soap was invented. Oil use on the face has also been mentioned in ancient literature, including the historical writings of Pliny the Elder. 

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In her book Oil Cleansing: Secrets Revealed to Using Essential Oils for the Oil Cleansing Method, beauty writer Jennifer Cane explains how oil helps pull out the impurities from the skin.

There are pores in our skin where the oil, along with impurities, gets entrapped and becomes hard. So, the best way to remove the hardened oil is to apply oil to our face. Both oils will dissolve together and as a result, the impurities will be removed from the skin.

Jennifer Cane

I’ve also found that oil leaves my face feeling softer and better moisturized than other products. You may find that you can actually calm your acne by applying oil on the face, since your skin is less prone to overproduce oil and cause breakouts.

Do you have sensitive skin? Check out this skincare ritual for your skin type; it may be right for you.

Try using a combination of skin-friendly oils, such as organic castor oil from and organic argan oil mixed together. These oils will even remove your makeup (even waterproof mascara) like magic.

For me, people are constantly asking my how I stay so young-looking and glowy – I swear the oil cleansing is a major factor in the look and health of my skin.

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We’d love to know, do you use any natural oils for cleansing? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. Casaundra Reed says:

    I watch everything you play in and I always look at how beautiful your skin is and why I can’t seem to come close, I drink so much water that I walk around swollen from just fluids all day and my regimen as well, night time cleansers, masks and scrubs and I still break out. I do have organic oils as well and never thought to use them on my face because I already have oily skin but I’m looking forward to trying this. Thanx a bunch, please feel free to shoot me any other tips 🙂 🙂

  2. Marsha says:

    I just love you as an actress and as a natural. Thanks for the hair and slin tips since I’m a recent natural who also have oily skin. One question I have is how long did it take to grow your hair and what did you do, where protective styles?

  3. sharonda says:

    I have oily skin I go to the dr. But I still suffer break out and I do what I’m supposed to do so I won’t break out were can I get this oil and is it expensive I’m on a fixed income again goddess u and your’s and your family and friends love and peace enjoyed the show 2nite looks like the season going to be good

  4. lanitha johnson says:

    Thank you so much for showing me love today. We need to show love to ppl more as a daily reminder that love makes us all feel better. We all need and want it eveb if we act contrary.

  5. Rozella Gillard says:

    I find you the actress that moves me when I see your films. You have the energy, drive and the know how to just play any part. I fine you fascinating. All your movies are great, great. Maybe one day, I will meet you. You are so inspiring to me. I am a minister’s wife and I pray that you will continue on and be the best, as you are!
    Good luck!

  6. Carlotta says:

    Awesome Blog! I watch everything you play in and that i continuously inspect however lovely your skin is and why I can’t appear to return shut, I drink such a lot water that I walk around swollen from simply fluids all day and my program also, dark cleansers, masks and scrubs and that i still flee. I do have organic oils also and ne’er thought to use them on my face as a result of I have already got oily skin however I’m wanting forward to attempting this. Thanx a bunch. See you again to take an idea.

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