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Kimberly’s Favorite Tools To Detangle Curly Hair

Dentangling-tool-natural-hairPeople often ask me what my favorite hair tools are to detangle curly hair. Frankly, I don’t use many tools as I often rely on my fingers to style my hair.

However, every so often I pull out a tool to assist me in my grooming session when a trusted hairbrush is what I need. Here are my top hair styling tools to detangle curly hair referred to me by two natural hair stylists I really love, respect, and trust.

top hair styling tools to detangle curly hair featured image

hair-brush-natural-hairFelicia Leatherwood’s Pink Detangling Hair Brush

Felicia is a natural hairstylist to both celebrities and non-famous women alike. You can purchase it here. I love a good hair grooming session with her because she has caring hands and natural hair enthusiasm. When she developed her own detangling hair brush, my daughter and I were more than thrilled. We practically have to work out a timeshare agreement to use it because we love it so much! The bristles on the hair brush remind me of fingers as they move with your hair not against it. So I find it much gentler and friendlier to my kinks. It comes in both pink and black colors.

Aingeel-Z’s Hair Styling Detangling Brush

My other detangling hair brush of choice is by one of my favorite natural hair stylists Aingeel-ZYou can purchase this detangling brush for natural hair from her shop here. As a stylist, Aingeel-Z is not only passionate about natural hair, but she is truly an expert on it. She has worked exclusively on naturals for years and years with both celebrity clients and non-celebrity clients. Trust me, I trust Aingeel-Z!

The first time she did my hair I said upfront, “Just so you know, I only finger-detangle,” Aingeel smiled and said, “I think I may have something you may want to consider,” With that she showed me a detangling brush that would become one of my top hair styling tools to detangle hair. I was amazed at how it slipped easily through my hair during my conditioning treatment. There was hardly any hair in the brush when she was done! To this day I still appreciate Aingeel-Z’s detangling brush when I’m in the shower during a deep detangling session.

Both of these detangling hair brushes are excellent tools for natural hair. Again, I prefer to finger detangle but when I do need to whip out a brush, these are the only ones I use. Oh, one word of advice when using any detangling tool  be it your fingers or a brush — be sure to use lots of slippery conditioner as you detangle. Your strands will thank you!

To learn more about healthy natural hair care, check out Kimberly’s eBook “Curly Halo,” which will teach you to build a healthy hair and life regimen to prevent breakage and yield growth.


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