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How To Relieve Stress With Lavender

If you’re feeling overworked, stressed, or anxious- then incorporate lavender into your life.

This powerful super-herb helps to relieve stress due to its healing and calming properties. After a long, stressful day at work, I recommend that you treat yourself to lavender bathwater.

lavenderI love to nestle up with a book in my pajamas and sip lavender tea, which generally is in the form of buds soaked in purified hot water. The rich fragrance overwhelms my senses and my anxiety dissipates. I’m asleep within 15 minutes.

Do you want to know a secret about it?

It is so powerful, it may influence people to feel more trust due to its calming, relaxing properties. In a study conducted in the Netherlands, cognitive researchers found that participants were more willing to engage in trusting behaviors with individuals who were wearing lavender essential oil.

So, whether you’re a saleswoman trying to score a deal, a femme fatale ready to score a mate, or simply an overworked professional trying to enjoy a calm night in, lavender is your best bud. It can help you fall asleep at night when everything else fails.

It is also versatile in other ways. This herb has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Those properties make it a beneficial ingredient in this DIY Creamy Shea Butter. You can also use it to make to make tasty treats, like these Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes!

And since it has many benefits, lavender is also used in the Kimberly Elise Naturals Alchemy 27. It is the perfect product for anyone who needs to restore dry and damaged hair. So if your beautiful locks are suffering from excessive heat and environmental stresses, grab a bottle of Alchemy 27!

Do you have any other uses for lavender? Let us know in the comments below!

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