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Learn To Meditate in 5 Simple Steps

It’s easy for me to forget about myself and worry about everyone else’s needs. I have an eagerness to please. Meditation is one way to focus on me.  

When I first tried meditating, I felt tempted to give up and think about the dozens of emails waiting for a reply, and the four writing assignments that were due the same month. Plan after plan bombarded my minutes of “peace.”


Learn To Meditate in 5 Simple Steps

By: Stephanie Sandoval

A day job and extracurricular activities are not easy to balance. Naturally, shutting out the traffic in my mind is hard to do.

So how do you relieve stress through meditating? Here are five steps to make it happen.

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Place and Time

I was trying to meditate at work during my 15 minutes of break time. Big mistake! The lighting in the office was not ideal.

One early morning, I decided to let go of my worries. As I was in my car in a practically empty parking lot, I felt I finally found the place. It was 6 a.m., dark, and practically silent.

There’s something about being alone and not worrying about being interrupted that eases the mind.

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I used to think meditating was not for me because I thought you had to sit on the floor and fold your legs. For me, that’s the most uncomfortable position to be in for even ten minutes at a time.

I need back support to reduce the tension in my spine.


There is something very soothing about closing your eyes and focusing on the sounds of your surroundings.

While I was meditating at 6 am, I heard birds chirping and airplanes flying.

The sounds of their freedom were calming.

Body and Mind

While in my meditation zone, I feel my body less rigid. I sink into the seat and my heartbeat slows down.

Once I stopped trying not to think, the heavy thinking ceased to exist.


A while back ago, I reached out to a counselor. He taught me how to breathe to reduce anxiety. He told me to breathe in, count to ten, and breathe out. When it’s 2 a.m., and my mind shows no signs of calming down, slow and deep breaths help me sleep.

Ultimately, meditating restores my faith that everything will be okay.

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