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With A Little Help From My Father

When you are a little kid, you believe everything your mother and father say and mimic their every move, in the hopes that you might one day be like them: gods among humans. 

By: Landon Funk

As a little girl, you trust your father when he tells you that you are a princess.

The more he says it, the more it is ingrained as truth.  Father's DayFor me, I thought that I was a princess, but not one that needed to be saved. I was a princess who was the boss, and my father led me believe that because he believed it himself.

He still does.

If you have ever met my father, you know that he is a skilled orator, a gigantic goofball, and one of the smartest people in the world. He has a way of connecting with people, making each individual feel heard. It is for this reason that he was elected to be the District Attorney of Nashville.

My father understands what it means to be human, treating every person – regardless of race, religion, sex, orientation, etc. – as a person.

In the end, isn’t that what we all want, to be seen?

While I do not remember this, my mother often tells my friends that my father and I would stay up late when I was three and four years old, trying on different costumes, playing with dolls, singing Disney songs, and making up stories.

Nine times out of ten, she would come into my room to tell us to quiet down, and all of the lights would be on, showcasing my feet encased in fuzzy pink heels.

According to my mother, my father was having more fun than I was – although I find that incredibly hard to believe.

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Father's DayHe saw me for me. Everyone deserves to have someone in their corner, and I am so incredibly lucky to have my father in mine.

After all, my father was the first feminist in my life. He stimulated my mind with intellectual conversation, positive language, and powerful stories.Father's Day


In the years that followed, my father and I were like two peas in a pod. We watched the Powerpuff Girls together. We read Harry Potter chapters in sync with each other, discussing each chapter once both of us had finished. We played golf together on the weekends, and he let me celebrate obnoxiously every time I beat him.

I was successful creatively, academically, and athletically because I had someone who believed in me, who understood me. I would not trade those moments with him for anything in the world.

Father's DayEvery woman needs someone in her life to tell her that she is capable of anything.

I might have a nose ring and tattoos, but my father still believes that I am a princess. I always was, and I always will be.

Never will I let anyone tell me what I can and cannot do. On the golf course or over two grande hot chocolates, I will never forget how powerful my father’s words and actions of reinforcement were for my development.

I am the woman that I am today because of him. For that, I am forever grateful. Neither Mojo Jojo, nor Voldemort can stop me now.

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Happy Father’s Day! What are you doing to celebrate your father on Father’s Day?

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