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Just Had A Baby?: 5 Tips For Losing Post-Baby Weight

Post-baby weight is a huge concern for mothers everywhere.


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As much as a mother loves their new gift to the world, she may dislike the other parts that come along with new motherhood, like  weight gain, stretch marks, and fatigue. These are all normal after having a baby. New mothers really shouldn’t be too hard on themselves; after all, a baby was growing inside their bellies for 9 months!

If you’re unsure where to start or your weight has just spiraled ever since your last pregnancy, don’t worry! We are going to break down all the ways that you can approach your new lifestyle to get that “hot mama” body back into tip-top shape.


5 Helpful Tips To Lose Post-Baby Weight


1. Anticipate Stress

Did you know that stress can be a factor for weight gain?

Yes, and the culprit is the stress hormone cortisol.

“During the first couple of days following a stressful event, cortisol is giving you a clue to eat high-carbohydrate foods. Once you comply, you quickly learn a behavioral response that you can feel almost destined to repeat anytime you feel stressed.” WebMD

With this in mind, it’s important to prepare yourself for continued cravings after you’ve had your baby.

There will be some level of stress with a newborn, including lack of sleep, grumpy feedings, and general care giving.

Try This: Find a getaway activity, like long morning walks, beginner’s Yoga, Zumba, gardening, etc.


2. Join A Support Group For Extra Encouragement

A support group may sound a little corny at first, but it can really help you feel better about yourself, and meet other new moms who are dealing with the same post-baby weight gain concern.

Choosing to say “yes” to accepting help from others is a big step toward showing love for yourself, your baby, and your life together. You may learn some new tips and tricks that will help you relieve stress, or even find a babysitter!

Try This: Find a New Mom’s Group on Meetup!

3. Stay Away From Quick-Fix Diets

As tempting as it might be, the quick fix diets will only cause your weight to spiral out of control once you’re off of them. For instance, Many women assume that eliminating all carbs after having a baby will get them back into shape, when really you are only causing confusion to your body. These diets may work for a few months, but once you introduce everything back in, it can actually make things worse.

Try This: Consult a nutritionist and have them help you make a realistic meal plan and weight goal. This way you are creating a lifestyle change in lieu of a temporary quick fix.





4. Mommy and Baby Workout Time

Mothers using their baby as a piece of workout equipment, seems to be the trending hot topic these days!

If you are finding it hard to incorporate workout time into your new lifestyle, working out with your baby can be a great option. Yoga is the best way to do this and does not need to be overly intense when executing it with your little one.

Finding a trainer, who has experience with kids can help you get started at an acceptable pace. If hiring a trainer isn’t in your budget, there are a lot of great tutorials online that can guide you with great workout ideas. Not only will you shed pounds, but you can also enjoy quality time with your little peanut as well!

Try This: Find a fun Mommy and Me Exercise video on Youtube and schedule it into playtime!

5. Nurse Your Baby To Help Shed Pounds

While the results are not the same for everyone, some mothers quickly shed pounds by nursing their new born. You might consider giving this a try, especially since the practice is extremely good for your child’s health. Studies suggest that women who gain less weight during pregnancy shed more pounds through best feeding.


A weight loss journey after pregnancy is different for every woman. Because we are all unique, it’s unfair to compare your body and metabolism to anyone else. Do your very best to keep up a good healthy diet and be sure to exercise.




For educational purposes only.

This information has not been evaluated by a medical professional. The results reported may not necessarily occur in all individuals. Remember to always consult with your physician before you try these workouts, especially if you have experienced any type of health issues or injuries previously. Please be advised: you should always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle!!

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