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A Love Story of Adoption: If It’s Meant to be, It’ll be

mommy daughters destiny

Adoption can be a mother’s true love story. If it’s meant to be, nurturing a new baby can fill your life with boundless joy.

I’ve often heard stories of the difficulties of adoption and the fears that come along with it, but when I met with one of my old college friends and her newly adopted baby a few weeks ago, her experience was quite the opposite.

It wasn’t costly. It wasn’t extremely time-consuming, nor was it stressful.

“Adopting is a lot easier than pregnancy and giving birth,” Rachel said. Having had her other two children naturally, she remembers wanting to speed up the nine-month process and get on to the good stuff — motherhood.

“We were at a point in our lives where we could provide for ourselves and I was not going to get pregnant again,” she said. “I always wanted to adopt.”

The adoption of baby Mia was Rachel’s idea. She convinced her husband to get licensed through the state’s foster care system by taking a six-week class and passing background checks. During one of the classes, “his heart melted” and they were sure it was the right thing to do.

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Adopting through the foster care system is free and according to Rachel, a lot easier than going through a private agency.

She and her husband were even able to specify exactly what they wanted in the adoption: a baby girl between the ages of two and three whose mother wasn’t on medication or drugs. When they renewed their license, they opted for a newborn and short of two years later, they got the call.

“One morning we got a call from the hospital saying the baby is ready to be picked up,” she said. “We didn’t know her ethnicity or her parents’ background.” 

Rachel and her husband went to the hospital that morning, signed some paperwork, and were parents of a beautiful baby girl. It was meant to be.

“Before I got her, I was at a restless stage in my life,” Rachel admits. “I love my boys, but Mia is my balance. She filled my void.”

Whether you’re considering adoption to grow your family or to start one, the state’s foster care system can be a good place to start. Because children coming from the foster system are considered wards of the state, Rachel receives a monthly stipend as well as food and clothing reimbursement to care for her new bundle of joy.

Thinking to adopt? Contact your local foster care agency for more information.

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