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How To Make A Commitment That Will Stick

Are you ready to make a commitment and make your dreams come true?

It can be a challenge to stick to commitments. But with a little bit of diligence, you can achieve it. Here are a few guidelines.

Making a commitment is serious business because you are dedicating your time and energy toward a purpose.


1. A commitment has to be genuine

It means shifting a very fundamental aspect of who you are, and it can only be done if you are ready and genuine.

You have to want it from the deepest part of your soul. You have to see it happening. And then you live it.

2. A commitment must serve a deeper purpose

It must lead to the person you want to truly become. And that takes work.

There is a difference between the idea of owning your own home and the reality of owning a home. A homeowner who has had to invest in a new roof understands).

Make sure that your commitment serves a greater purpose for your life: your health, your longevity, your state of happiness, your finances, your family.

3. A commitment must be clear.

A vague dream or commitment will get you nowhere. Instead, it must be clearly spelled out, with tangible steps to make it happen.

For instance, if your dream is to be a homeowner, you must begin by making the concrete commitment to save a portion of your income.

A vision board can help you focus on that commitment.

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4. A commitment needs to be nurtured.

Be gentle with yourself when it comes to your dreams. Don’t talk negatively about yourself in your head or out loud when you reach an obstacle or when you have messed up.

You can learn tips on how to practice self-love here.

You are shifting a fundamental aspect of yourself, and it takes time.

You need to recognize what you need to work on, what obstacles need to be addressed, and what you will do next time.

5. Celebrate the new part of yourself that is coming to life.

As you begin to work toward your dreams and begin to achieve even the smallest success, celebrate it.

If your goal is to lose 30 pounds, embrace the new you who wakes up 30 minutes earlier than before to run in the morning.

If your goal is to become an actress, celebrate the inner you who prepares thoroughly for an audition, arrives prepared, and accepts feedback with professionalism.

What are your dreams? What commitments have you made to make them become a reality? We’d like to know!

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