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How To Use Mango Butter To Revitalize Your Skin and Hair

Mango has always been my favorite fruit growing up, and it’s the national fruit of the Philippines, my home country.

This extremely sweet fruit originates from South Asia. Aside from being delicious treats, mangoes, can also be used for skin care!

Mango butter is a great ingredient for nourishing your skin. Mango butter is derived from the fruit’s seed, which is cold-pressed to extract the butter. The butter is soft and doesn’t feel greasy. Although it hardens at room temperature, it melts as soon as it makes contact with skin. Since the butter is extracted from the seed and not the fruit itself, it only had a mild scent.

By: Zeila Edrial

There are many different nutrients and antioxidants in mango butter, including Vitamin AVitamin C, and palmitic acid. The Vitamin A improves skin health, and leaves your skin glowing. It combats fine lines and wrinkles, which gives you an overall more youthful look. The Vitamin C helps maintaining connective tissue, which leads to firmer skin. The palmitic acid assists in retaining moisture, which is why mango butter is great for treating dry skin.

Mango butter also is effective at healing butter

Additionally, you can apply them on bug bites, minor cuts, rashes, and sunburns. Its anti-inflammatory properties will relieve you from itchy skin caused by eczema and psoriasis. This also means that it can help with any irritation caused by having contact with poison ivy. And if you’re suffering from acne and blemishes, this butter will be the cure!

You can use this mixture as a leave-in conditioner that will leave your hair feeling soft and revitalized. We also have 8 Natural Vegan Hair Mask Recipes that you can try out here!


Mango butter is used in various applications.

Aside from hair conditioners, mango butter is incorporated into bar soaps, balms, lotions, and creams. Do you have any experiences with mango butter? Let us know what you used it for in the comments below!

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