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Money isn’t everything, but having your pocketbook in order will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Unfortunately, we are not educated in personal finance in the same way we learn geometry and science. Being financially savvy is just as important, especially if you dream of starting a business, getting a degree or buying a home.

While setting goals is the first step, if you don’t have the means to carry out your plans, you’re bound to run into obstacles along the way. Rather than avoid the problem, own it and take control!

Whatever money mistakes you’ve made in the past are behind you. There’s no time like today to make a change and begin living your life in a way that will help you reach your goals.  For those who aren’t sure where to start, The Finance Bar offers guidance and support to help you get your finances in order.

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Swallow Your Finance Woes Once And For All At The Finance Bar

The FinaMarsha-barnes- moneynce Bar is the first financial consulting office on wheels. Founder and owner Marsha Barnes converted an old school bus into a financial vehicle that meets the client, literally.

Geared especially toward women, Marsha helps clients address the unavoidable subject of money management and the obstacles they may face as they try to make a change to take control of their finances.

Barnes crafts the content of her sessions to cater to the needs of individuals to help them to financial wellness and to achieve their personal money goals.

However you do it, being on top of your finances will help you in the long run to achieve your goals and dreams. If you can learn to get a handle on your finances, you can approach and achieve the other goals in your life. 

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Can’t Visit The Finance Bar? Begin Online

For $10 a month, anyone can join The Finance Bar’s Member’s Club, which provides a workbook, checklists, printables, motivational messages, and expert money guidance.  Members can also access virtual sessions and an online forum to ask questions and communicate with a community of women with similar goals.

The Finance Bar also provides information on its blog about paying off debt, financial intimacy with your partner, and diversifying your income.

Just like any other goals for your life, your personal finances deserve a plan and attention in order to keep them organized and on track. To learn more about setting and achieving goals, read 5 Tips to Set Goals and Reach Them.

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