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Kimberly’s Morning Ritual

I try to wake up remembering that each morning is a gift — which is easy to forget when times get hard.

It’s easy to get caught up in “what happened yesterday” or “what do I need to take care of tomorrow”. Sometimes, the stress of everyday life weighs down. If you’ve ever felt hopeless, know that I’ve been there too. My morning ritual is the solution to that problem.

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One of the ways I keep myself centered is by keeping a daily practice of gratitude and release. It’s nothing fancy, sometimes I can’t get to it because life happens. But each day, I try do the following:

  1. Express gratitude
  2. Visualize a great day ahead
  3. Stretch and breathe

It just takes a few minutes….

Express Gratitude 

Whether I’m waking up at 4 AM to be at work in another city or having a couch potato Sunday, I always find time to look around me and acknowledge the blessings the Universe has granted me. Sometimes I might text my daughters, “I just wanted to say I love you!”

You can find out how gratitude can help you get more in life here.

Visualize A Great Day Ahead 

Next, I imagine a great day ahead. I visualize everyone around me smiling — about me making them smile with my own smile. Just that daily practice makes me feel good and happy.

Here are 4 Practical Ways To Think Positively and Have More Joy.

Stretch & Breathe

Finally, to realize all the tension I might be holding in, I give myself time to stretch and purify with my breath. Sometimes, I spend about a half-hour each morning stretching. Other times, months will go by and my stretching happens for about 2 seconds…

Life is a journey, and each morning, we find ourselves right were we started. Only, it’s a new beginning.

Those are my morning ritual tips. My friend Britta Aragon explains how she practices about Bliss Writing in the morning.

How do you center yourself every day? 

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