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Mugcake: The New Cupcake

Move over, cupcake, the mugcake is here!

While cupcakes have basked in the dessert spotlight for the past decade, a new star is rising and it doesn’t involve complicated ingredients, a mess in the kitchen, or a long wait outside a gourmet dessert shop.

Meet the mug cake, a perfect individual serving of sweetness that only takes a mug, a few ingredients, and just minutes in the microwave.

Don’t let the microwave throw you for a loop – mug cakes might very well be the reason why cupcakes are taking the backseat for the moment.

Mugcakes are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why:


They’re the perfect size

If you leave me alone in the kitchen with more than just one slice of cake, you’re asking for trouble. Mug cakes, however, are the perfect size for an individual sweet-tooth nosh so you won’t go overboard.

They’re almost instant

Have you ever stood in line at a cake shop for more than half an hour, only to end up walking away with 2, 3 or… 12? All that waiting time adds up and to think that you’re just going to walk away with a single sad cupcake just doesn’t seem worth the time, so you’ll just pick another couple and before you know it, you’ve got a dozen on the passenger seat in the car, buckled in for a safe ride home. On the other hand – a mug cake gives you just what a cupcake does in less time that it would take you to drive to the cupcake shop and wait in that line out the door.

They’re inexpensive

Considering that even cupcakes are just cakes the size of a cup, $4 a pop might seem a little steep. Mug cakes, on the other hand, can be made and customized in the comfort of your own home, with what you probably already have in the pantry. Check out this 4 ingredient mug cake recipe.

They’re customizable

Allergic to gluten? Dairy? Nuts? No problem; when you make it yourself, you make it for you.
Want a sweet dessert with that’s packed with protein? Add protein powder. Vegan? Skip the egg. Need extra fiber? Use coconut or almond flour. No matter your preferences or dietary limitations, mug cakes can be just what you need them to be so you don’t feel guilty about eating something you shouldn’t.

They’re so easy to make!

No oven, no bakeware, no waiting.
All you need is a mug, microwave, a few ingredients and a spoon.

What are you waiting for?
Mug cake for one, please.


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