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Kimberly’s Favorite Part of Filming Apple Mortgage Cake

The biggest highlight for me in the filming of Apple Mortgage Cake was having the chance to meet Angela Logan, the woman I was portraying in the film, and also getting to actually work with her, actress-to-actress.

You see, Angela is not only an inspiring entrepreneur, but she is also an accomplished actress, comedian, and model!

In the film, the real Angela plays the part of a woman who works at a center I volunteer at. It was such an honor to stand beside this woman I was portraying on screen. It was also so much fun to get to know her.

One day on set, Angela came up to me in tears because she was so moved by a scene I did.

It was a scene that recreated a very pivotal moment in her life, and to know she was so touched by my performance let me know I nailed it.

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We hugged and laughed and cried and shared a very magical moment together.Kimberly+Elise+Michael+Scott+2014+Winter+TCA+vqvuwb_h6cGl

Months later, Angela and I saw each other at a network event and she surprised me with a dozen vegan Apple Mortgage cupcakes! She’d never made the cake vegan before, but knowing I am vegan, she created the recipe for me.

They were amazing! Now she even sells them from her bakery!! Making this movie was a career highlight and a very…delicious…experience!

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Kimberly Elise, Angela Logan and director Michael Scott. SOURCE:


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  1. Tina (Bold Faith) says:

    I absolutely enjoyed the movie, as expected. Reiterates that we must have faith. If we trust & believe, God will provide the increase! Also, Angela Logan has a bit of a Terry McMillan vibe in this photo. 🙂 Well done ladies! Blessings & Glory!

  2. Stacey says:

    Finally watched this movie the other night, cried, smiled, and understood. I raised my six children without the support of their father, he left when the two older ones where entering high school, it truly was a struggle, and I did not have to much support from family and friends. Worked two and three jobs, but they received the love they needed, clean clothes, and a good work ethic. They are all grown now, with children of their own and I am remarried. We have 22 grandchildren which we love and spoil. This movie made me think about some of the difficulties I faced back than.

  3. sharonda says:

    I loved this movie it made me hungry I used to live near were she lives I wonder if u can tell me if she can deliver because u made those cakes look sooooooooooooo good I wanted to get on the train I might have to get my friend 2 go and ship it she lives in Newark Deleware I’m hungry talking about it I can still see that cake omg

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