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“Head Shop” Hairstylist Nina J’s Tips & Tricks For Natural Black Hair Care

Celebrity hairstylist Nina J captured our attention on Instagram this summer with her preview of Kimberly Elise on the set of Head Shop.

The LA-based hairstylist shared some of her black hair care tips and tricks with

When getting your hair pressed, here are some things that Nina suggests:

Wrap Your Hair

First things first: Nina J highly recommends that you wrap your hair at night in your natural black hair care routine.

She says that you should also use a satin pillowcase to prevent your hair from drying out. If you can’t get to a satin pillowcase, be sure to oil your scalp as often as you’d like.

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Take Baths

When talking to her clients about why they weren’t able to manage their hair for as long as they wanted, a common factor was that they took showers regularly. So Nina suggests a bath!

When you take a bath, step outside of the bathroom as you allow the water to run. That way, the heat from the water won’t cause your hair to frizz.

If you must take a shower, try taking one that isn’t as hot. Lukewarm water is your best and safest option if you want your hair to stay silky and straight.

ninajhairDon’t Wear Your Extensions Longer Than 6 – 8 weeks

Rock your weave or braids for some time, but after about six to eight weeks, it’s time to take them out. Just like we need oxygen to breathe, so do our scalps. Leaving your weave in for too long can cause thinning edges. Ask your stylist how long you should leave your weave in before it’s time for a change.

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Don’t Braid Too Tight

Braiding tight causes thinning edges. Your style isn’t going to last longer because of it being braided tight. Nina reflects on a time that she braided a client’s hair too tight. If your stylist is braiding too tight, tell them to loosen up.

Don’t forget to prep your head for braided natural hairstyles!

natural black hair care

Lacefront Glue Affects Your Hairline

Anything on your hairline that seeps into your pores will affect your hairline. Even if not immediately, it eventually will. Steer clear of lacefront glue. If you want to use a lacefront, but aren’t sure of other methods for installation, consult your stylist before making any major decisions; your hair and scalp will thank you for it.

Nina’s Thoughts On Hair Growth

As hard as it may seem sometimes, Nina believes that hair can and will grow, but it all starts with maintenance. When you keep up your hair routine, you will begin to see a difference. A trim every now and again will yield growth. It is also helpful to do a protein treatment. Keeping the scalp moisturized with oil is a good way to yield growth.

“You want to put something on it regularly because that’s what will keep your hair stronger,” Nina says.

Regardless of how you wear your hair, it is extremely important to consider your diet and your stress levels when taking care of your hair.

Nina says our bodies needs and abundance of the right nutrients and water. And stress can cause hair to react opposite of the way you’d like and even cause hair loss!

kimberly elise


Nina J’s Tips On Finding A Stylist

Nina J encourages those who get their hair done regularly to schedule a consultation with their stylist. She believes that a consultation allows the stylist to consider  a person’s lifestyle when making decisions about the optimal hairdo.

During this consultation, a stylist ought to learn about the client’s background and what they do for a living. That information is a huge indication of how a stylist might best assist the client. In addition to what might be hereditary, Nina says that it’s also important to consider a client’s everyday activities and how that might be causing damage to their hair. For instance, if you like to get your hair pressed, it might be best for you to hold off on working out.

If you work out a lot, it’s best to discuss with your stylist the best approach to take when it comes to hair care. Likewise, if you come from a family of thinning edges, your stylist ought to be aware of it so that the two of you can work together to prevent it from worsening.


Featured Image Source: WeHeartItNina J Instagram

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