Natural Hairstyle Guide

Kimberly Elise and her editors share their favorite seasonal natural hair styles.

Check in each month and share your own links to your favorite natural hair styles in the comments!


Natural Hair Care Basics:

Our Favorite Transitional Styles | Natural Black Hair Care

How To Wear A Low Sleek Side-Part Bun | Natural Black Hair Care

3 Buns For 3 Ways| Natural Hair Care For All Hair Types

Why You Should Wear A Protective Style In The Summer | Natural Black Hair Care



How To Prep Your Hair For Braided Hairstyles | Styles for Natural Black Hair Care

Better Than Blond | Zoë Kravitz Natural Hairstyles Inspiration

5 Protective Styles To Turn Heads | Styles for Natural Black Hair Care


Transitional Styles:

4 Fabulous Faux Fro’s | Natural Black Hair Hairstyles

Short Hairstyle Videos, Tips & Inspiration | Natural Black Hair Hairstyles

8 Ways To Make Your Extensions Last Longer | Natural Black Hair Hairstyles


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