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Sekai Natural Hair Gallery is a charming hair salon tucked behind an indoor playground on the quieter end of Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles. Rayna, the shop’s owner, specializes in natural hair styling, braiding, and loc dressing.

Sekai, the name of the salon, means “one who brings laughter and joy.” Rayna’s skilled fingers give your hairdo a fine polish. I like to think of her as an original “natural hair” dresser – the kind of stylist who specialized in natural hair long before “natural hair” even meant anything.

Sekai Natural Hair Gallery’s specialties include Locs (maintenance & repair); Braids (cornrows, individuals); Twists (flat twists, single twists); Crochet Braids; Natural Hair Care and Education.


Rayna’s journey to becoming a natural hair dresser coincided with her journey into wearing locs in 1997. As a stylist, she wanted to nurture and style hair in harmony with the overall body. She took classes in nutrition and homeopathy with the aim of being a holistic hair dresser.

Sekai Natural Hair Gallery doesn’t have any televisions. To maintain a zen and peaceful feel, solicitors are not welcome. If she could, she would have everyone remove their shoes. “No bean pies and fish plates here,” she laughs.

“Natural hair care is holistic,” she says, “because it begins not only from the inside out. It also integrates your environment.”

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Why We Love Her

The primary reason I love working with Ranya (other than because of her skill) is that she understands a range of “aesthetics.” While her principles remain steadfast, she doesn’t pass judgement on other preferences. Sometimes natural hair dressers only understand a certain “style”. Ranya has the ability to execute nearly any braiding you wish. She’s also honest that certain styles are better than others.

curly-halo-iphone-graphic-no-copyRanya believes that natural hair begins from the inside out. She admits that natural hair can be a struggle because we don’t know what to do. Ultimately, she aims to help people be more confident and comfortable with styling their natural hair, without the use of unnecessary heat.

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Her Natural Hair No-Nos

There are no relaxers or texturizers at Rayna’s salon. She avoids heavy products. She says, “I like products that absorb into the hair, because that’s when you know that your hair is going to perform the way your hair needs to.”

She aims to use natural colors. She does henna. She does not “lift” or bleach.

“No chemical-based products that will permanently alter the natural curl pattern” – Rayna, Owner of Sekai Natural Hair Gallery


Her Thoughts On The Natural Hair Movement

Rayna believes the Natural Hair Movement is empowering a lot of women and men who feel emboldened to be seen and recognized.  Going natural gives strength to a lot of people who have given up. It helps them to keep moving forward. She has seen a lot of women whom she never thought would become natural now become natural.


dreadlocsHer Tips On Correct “Loc” Etiquette

The term, “dreads” is not normally used, particularly among women of color.
People take their locs very seriously. (Don’t touch them, obviously.) Rayna is on the fence about locs extensions (locs that you have added to your hair to make them longer). She’s on the fence because she feels you should grow them from beginning to end. It’s something that you work for. But ultimately, your loc journey is up to you.


Her Thoughts On Choosing A Natural Hair Stylist

Rayna advises that the natural hair stylist that you choose should be patient.

Your stylist should not encourage you to be chemically dependent or to straighten your hair. Hairstylists do this because it’s a lot quicker.

“Being a natural hair stylist, you have to detangle the hair a certain way,” she explains.

curly-halo-iphone-graphic-no-copy“There are more steps to it and some stylists don’t have the patience. You have to really care. You have to care about helping your clients grow their hair and keep their hair. Sometimes clients make take an hour to detangle. You have to take your time and know the proper way to detangle.

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To learn more about transitioning to natural hair, check out Kimberly’s eBook “Curly Halo,” which will teach you to build a healthy hair regimen to prevent breakage and yield growth.

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