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Natural Hair Care Workshop with Kimberly Elise: Cupcakes and Coils in Los Angeles

Kimberly Elise’s Natural Hair Workshop was a huge success!

The Los Angeles hair care workshop taught women with kinky, coily hair textures how to care for their hair, regardless of how women chose to wear their hair every day. The room was filled with ladies sharing their knowledge and experiences that will last a lifetime! Here’s a glimpse at a few tidbits of the many things we learned.

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5 Tips for Coily Hair Care


1. Choose your products according to hair type and texture.

Forget the 4C, 3B labels, which say little about your hair’s porosity, density, or width diameter. Natural hair expert Aingeel-Z recommends using milks, lotions, and leave-ins for fine and softer textures, and heavier souffles and creams for coarse, thick, and spongy textures.

2. Shampoo is good for your hair. Wash often.

There is a misconception within the natural hair community, and we’d like to officially clear up the confusion: Washing your hair is GOOD. Some shampoos – especially those that contain sulfates – are too harsh for your hair.

We recommend using a gentle product that is specifically designed for African-American hair textures. Participants went home with Karen’s Body Beautiful products, which are formulated for coily hair textures. Aingeel-Z recommends washing your hair at least once every two to four weeks.

aroma foundry

3. Read your products’ ingredients carefully.

Ignore the fancy marketing, and read the ingredients carefully. Some products are better than others. When you read your ingredients, look at what is listed first; the first ingredients compose the highest amount of your product.


4. Always use nightly protection

Night protection includes bonnets, silk scarves, and satin pillowcases. You can check out My Crowinging Jewel, which provides fasionable nightwear. (Because who doesn’t want to go to bed looking cute?)


Workshop participants went home with gift bags

5. Weaves help your hair grow when properly nurtured.

Tonya Thompson, owner of Dream Girl Hair Salon, reminded workshop participants to get a trim before wearing extensions, and to only wear extensions for 10 – 12 weeks. Remind your hairstylist not to put too much weight on your hairline, and to not make the hairline braids too tight. If you care for your hair properly, your hair can grow!

natural black hair care

Cupcakes were provided by one of Kimberly’s favorite cupcake bakers, Southern Girl Desserts. We enjoyed their minnie Vegan Black Velvet cupcakes! Participants were also gifted products from Karen’s Body Beautiful and Infinity Bath and Body. 3 participants went home with a copy of Sunne’s Gift by Ama Karikari Yawson. We recommend Sunne’s Gift for any young girl.


Stay posted for a full review of this wonderful book! We’d like to thank our renowned stylists Aingeel–Z of Natural Kinx & Waves, and Tonya Thompson, lead stylist and owner of Dream Girls Hair Salon, who shared their abundant knowledge in the care and upkeep of coily hair.


It’s my goal to help African American women understand how to love and nurture their amazing authenticity. It was an amazing opportunity for women of various backgrounds to come together, munch on yummy food, and exchange words of beauty wisdom. Ladies from around California came to the Natural Hair Affair to discuss haircare tips, exchange thoughts about products, provide ingredient suggestions, and reveal their “must-do” habits for healthy hair.

One of my dear actress-sister-friends Kim Waynes also joined the Natural Hair Affair. The event was also led by Odessa Renia and Aingeel-Z.

Natural Hair Affair


We used these guidebooks as a way to lead the conversation. Many women had questions about moisture, dryness, length retention, hair loss, hair styles, and weave/extension maintenance. Please contact if you’d like to purchase a copy of the guidebook.

Dominique Reese, owner of Reese Financial Services at Natural Hair Affair


Thank you to the vendors and sponsors who gifted our participants with amazing products. These gifts allow women in the community to learn about the some of the finest products on the market.

Gift bag contributions included Kyra’s Shea Medleys, samples of KENZA Pure Hair Treatment Oil from Kenza International Beauty, essential oils samples courtesy of Hope Smith, and our featured sponsor Qhemet Biologics, who provided samples of their amazing product line.

To become a sponsor for our next hair event, click here to get in contact about future events!

Kyra's Shea Medleys



We recently launched our Love, Kimberly Blogger Circle network, which allows me and my team to connect with natural hair, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers.

Featured here is Kibby, who has an amazing blog on eco-friendly shopping called Environosh. I also met with XandreaGaraywho is a writer for Mocha Moms, Inc., a non-profit organization for mothers of color. Dominique Oliver of Dominique’s Vanity Corner attended our first event, and was kind enough to donate products for our gift bags.

If you’d like to join our Love, Kimberly Blogger Circle network please fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch.


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    Valarie McDonald
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    I’m a mother of a Ten year old girl who absolutely loves her kinky hair. Problem is I don’t know how to style or treat her hair for that matter…….Help!

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    Hassana Gabriel
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    I appreciate the haircare tips. My natural hair is a mess but I believe it’ll only get better. One love

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