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7 Tips From Natural Hair Stylist Aingeel-Z

Natural hair stylist Aingeel-Z has over 60 recommendations on Styleseat.

Located at Natural Kinx & Waves Salon in Long Beach, California, Aingeel-Z is also a participant in Kimberly’s Natural Beauty Summit.

Learn more about Kimberly Elise’s Natural Beauty Summit

In anticipation of the event (as well as our general love for Aingeel-Z), we asked Aingeel-Z for some more Natural Beauty tips, questions about her salon, and her natural hair expertise. If you’re ever in Long Beach, I strongly recommend checking it out!

5 Natural Beauty Tips From Aingeel-Z

Learn more here about Kimberly’s Natural Beauty Summit with Aingeel-Z!

Aingeel-Z- Natural Beauty Digital Summit

1. What products do you use for styling?

I use a lot of T.G.I.N. Thank God It’s Natural line, from the shampoo, conditioner, the Twist and Lock Cream or Daily moisture for styling. Here is a list of my top 5 products:

2. What is the importance of protective styling?

Protective styles give your hair a good healthy rest.  Protective styles last longer, which allow you to manipulate it less. It is good to wear your hair with the ends tucked away; this minimizes exposure, snagging, etc. causing ends to split more quickly.
chunky flat twist

Chunky Flat Twist done by Aingeel-Z


3. What styles should a new natural look into?

Protective styles, two strand twists, flat-twist styles, end trims for maintenance, and moisturizing treatments.
Version 2

Aingeel-Z client styled with curlers


4. What is the atmosphere like at the salon?

Everyone always says how peaceful it is.  The salon is quaint, immaculate, and warm. Our motto is BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL!

5. What services can someone get at the shop?

We offer an extensive list of Natural Hair Care services.  Curly/Kinky cuts, Color Services, Extensions, Textured Weaves, Various twist styles, treatments, and more.

6. Why should clients come to you?

I pride myself on the level of customer attentiveness I provide.  I rarely overbook, and get clients out in a timely manner. I really listen to my clients’ needs.  Also to my core, I love natural hair – kinky-curly-coily-wavy, I have been natural my whole life.  My entire career has been about serving the natural community.

7. What are your favorite styles to do?

I love color! I also do textured weaves and Curly/Kinky cuts.

Leah’s Experience At Natural Kinx & Waves

aingeelmeAfter a year of transitioning (meaning growing out my relaxer and wearing my authentic hair texture), I decided to change up my style and wear my natural hair out for the first time. I was terrified because I didn’t know where to start! I thoroughly researched natural hairstylists online and was drawn to Aingeel-Z.

I was really unsure what to do with my hair at the time, because it was always in sew-ins, but I decided to get my first flat twist-out with Aingeel. Prior to going to her, I didn’t know much about what types of products to put in my “4C” type hair. It was always dry and not properly detangled. My hair was in rough shape and a piece of work!


When I arrived at the salon, I felt welcomed because everyone inside greeted me warmly. Not only did Aingeel give me an adorable twist out, she helped guide me in the right direction to start my natural hair journey. I asked her every question that came to mind about how to care for my new look and she answered each and every one with detail and patience. I was at the salon for a few hours because she gave me a deep conditioning treatment, did several small flat twists, and curled the ends with small curlers. I then sat under the dryer to allow my hair, which is extremely coily and takes a while to dry, for an hour. Overall, I rate the experience at the salon and the resulting look very highly. The salon is an intimate environment, but spacious enough to have room to watch TV and talk at your own chair.

Healthy Hair is Good Hair. Consult a Professional when necessary!

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