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Natural Mommies and Daughters From Around The Web

Going natural can be such an uplifting experience, especially if its one you can share with your mother! All of the ins and outs of natural living can be shared with the one woman who loves you the most. We decided to showcase some of the many natural mommy and daughter duos from around the web for this Mother’s Day weekend!

PhotoSource: WeHeartIt

PhotoSource: WeHeartIt


Kimberly & Butterfly

Kimberly and her daughter Butterfly are both going through their natural hair journey together as a team. Kimberly cares deeply about embracing natural hair textures and navigating through the hair world with positivity and healthiness in mind. Her motivation to reclaim the beauty in natural hair has led to a motivational atmosphere for her daughters to learn and grow with her. Both of Kimberly’s daughters have collaborated on Kimberly’s natural hair e-book Curly Halo that is filled with pages of great knowledge to help guide you through your natural hair journey. To learn more about their hair tips, check out the e-book here:

D’Niyah & Nyoka

This natural hair duo has a love for color and creativity. D’Niyah is a four year old model and he mother Nyoka is a paralegal and full time fan of her children. D’Niyah and her Nyoka can be found on her Instagram page modeling afro-centric clothing and natural hair looks!

Sai and London

Sai is the founder of a lifestyle website showcasing the adorable style of her four year old London Scout. Both mother and daughter rock their beautiful natural hair and accessories with fun and smiles!


Jennae, Ja’Naya and Juliza

These three naturals are pictured sharing a beautiful moment after bringing new life into the world. The older daughter was greeted with her younger sister for the first time, while mom Juliza Ann got to witness the breathtaking moment: afro-puffs an all.

Jazell & Leah

Kimberly Elise blogger Leah is pictured with her mother Jazell Thomas after winning the Saint Louis Post Dispatch Mother’s Day lookalike contest. Both Leah and her mom are natural with type four hair and were wearing crochet braids as a protective style in this photo. Their love for natural hair was inspired by Jazell’s mother Janice and daughter Camara who transitioned bravely with confidence and style. 

Leah and Mom



Blogger Sheri T. has an Instagram filled with mommy and daughter themed natural hair tutorials that showcase the beautiful bond that is created from mother to daughter through hair!

Regina Woods

Regina’s Instagram is decorated with pictures of her natural hair journey and meet-ups with other naturals. One of the best meet-ups on Instagram is that of her and her daughter. She spreads natural hair positivity by including hashtags like #rockTheFro and #NaturalHairGals supportive mothers can make a natural hair journey so much easier!


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Jessica Pettyway and Daughter

Jessica Pettyway is a well known Youtuber with 4c type hair. Out of pure coincidence, a picture of her daughter became a famous internet meme as she raises her fist with an adorable face and afro mohawk. Jessica updates her Youtube with hair tutorials of her and styles for her daughter. 

We smile because He lives ➕ #thankyouJesus #kaileeandmommy

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