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For All You Natural Skincare Lovers, Tune Into Our Facebook LIVE Event

February is the perfect month to examine your skin care and self-love rituals.

Because it’s still cold, you can get away with just bundling up with a mask and Netflix. If you’re single, then what a great way to celebrate and give love to you. No makeup necessary, if you don’t want it.

Skincare is one of the most consistent acts of self-care we show ourselves, but are we doing it right? We’re asking Dr. Trevor Cates, The Spa Dr, all of our pressing questions about natural beauty. Join actress Kimberly Elise and Dr. Trevor Cates for a FACEBOOK LIVE event on February 17th at 9:30 AM PT.

Facebook Live Event

Dr. Trevor Cates is a nationally recognized naturopathic doctor. She can help us to examine our skincare rituals to see if what we are doing can help us achieve the results we want.

For those of you who are curious about natural skincare, this is the Facebook Live event for you.

Dr. Cates believes the key to healthy skin is inner and outer nourishment with non-toxic ingredients. Send any questions to in advance, or ask during the Live event.

Kimberly Elise Alchemy 27

We are also collaborating with Dr. Cates to offer her book Clean Skin from Within for free for a limited time. It will teach you how to achieve healthy, glowing skin naturally! Learn more about it here.

clean skin from within


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