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3 Naturals Ways to Cleanse Your House For The New Year

Chances are you’ve heard of juice cleanses or 30-day detoxes, but how about a cleanse for your house? Here are three natural ways to cleanse your home of negativity and create a mood-boosting environment.

By: Emma Stessman

With such a heavy focus in the new year on bettering yourself and your mind,it’s easy to forget how influential your surroundings are, especially the places where you spend the most time, like your home.

By creating a positive and healthy environment at home, you can set yourself up for success in the new year.

So whether you just moved somewhere new and want to make the house your own, or you simply wish to cleanse your home of negativity, here are three easy ways to do so.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Some believe that Himalayan Salt Lamps help to improve the quality of the air. They have the ability to attract and rapidly evaporate water vapor containing bacteria and various allergens, essentially cleaning the surrounding air.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are also thought to boost mood through their production of negative ions. Additionally, the orange hue of the lamp can increase focus and create a sense of calmness.

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Sage Smudging

Native Americans commonly practice sage smudging to clear the space and create a sense of spiritual purification. To sage smudge your house, light a stick of sage and fan the sage in the area you want to cleanse. You can say a small affirmation of what you hope to fill the room, such as “Love” or “Joy.”

Sage is also used in aromatherapy to create a serene environment and help with overcoming grief.

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Ringing Bells

Ringing Bells is a common feng shui practice believed to align negative energies through vibrations, creating a positive force. By ringing a bell throughout your house, particularly in places where negative experiences have occurred, you can rid yourself of any negative energies that may be plaguing the area.

You can use a singing bowl, a hand bell, or hang wind chimes.

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  1. Toni Zargari ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yes, yes and more yes! I burned sage upon moving out of my last apartment and when entering the new one. I am still in search of a beautiful Himalayan Pink Salt lamp and a sound bowl, but now I’m super excited to get these. Thanks Emma!

  2. Sandy says:

    Kimberly, this is great information. Where would I find a good quality lamp? I see there are a lot of fake lamps on the Internet.

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