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#NoMakeup: 4 Steps To Fall In Love With Your Makeup-Free Face

Have you ever dared to go makeup-free for #NoMakeupMonday? It seems like such a simple concept, but for some, it may feel like a gutsy move!

Makeup has become such a normal part of beauty routines, some may feel “naked” without it. I encourage you to free your face and go makeup-free, even if it’s only one day a week, and see what happens. Feel what happens.

By: Mallory Diekman

For the days you choose to go natural, try these amazing makeup-free regimens:


Mash an avocado and place it in the fridge, covered for 30 minutes. While the avocado is chilling, wash your face with warm water. Remove the mask from the fridge, apply all over your face, let set for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Avocado is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that can penetrate the inner layers of your skin, healing it from the inside out.


Mash a medium banana and place in the fridge for 30 minutes. While the banana is chilling, wash your face with warm water. Remove the mask from the fridge, apply to your face, allow to set for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Bananas are rich in vitamins, which helps them soften and hydrate your skin, makeup age spots, prevent fine lines, and even apply the peel directly on pimples to combat acne.

Got Acne-prone skin that’s dry and oily at the same time?  Check out how to treat it here.

Instagram hashtags have amazing intentions, but some of us may not be able to participate in challenges like #NoMakeupMonday because we have to maintain a particular appearance for work… So, I propose a new campaign: #SimpleSaturday.

What better day to start loving yourself? On weekends, go makeup-free and let your skin rest.

Kimberly likes to let her skin rest with no-makeup days, too! Check out one of her favorite treatments for overworked skin.

Why Go Natural Once In A While?

Makeup naturally builds up in pores, clogging them with oil, making them look larger. For this reason, dermatologists recommend going makeup-free two days a week. I also think that makeup builds up women’s unrealistic personal expectations of beauty, clogging our opinions, and making us depend on our looks for confidence.

4 Steps To Fall In Love With Your Makeup-Free Face

1. Drink a glass of water

Water is the best way to start every day. One glass of water rehydrates your body from a night of sleeping, sets your metabolism for the day, and helps your face and body wake up. It is important to keep hydrated all day. Women are recommended to consume nine glasses of water every day.

2. Wash your face

Experts often disagree on this. Women with naturally oily skin should wash their faces in the morning to reduce the oil the built up overnight. If you are worried about drying your skin out, simply splash some cool water on your face and make sure you moisturize. Every skin type is different, but this step reinvigorates and helps energize.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror and say one thing you love about yourself aloud.

This can be an external or internal quality, but it has to be genuine. Every week, pick a different thing to notice, but be careful not to forget what you loved the week before. It is also necessary to say it aloud. It will probably feel a little weird for the first few days, but verbally saying what you love about yourself makes a huge difference.

4. Take on 2017 with natural confidence.

Complete these first three steps every morning, and then decide whether or not your day will include make-up. The amount of confidence we can naturally exude when we love what we see in the mirror is amazing!

Are you willing to take the challenge? We’d love to hear your thoughts – or – tag us on Instagram @ikimberlyelise with the hashtag #SimpleSaturday!

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