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Our Favorite Vases for Spring

our-favorite-vases-spring-vaseSpring has sprung and it’s the perfect time to refresh your space. But updating your space doesn’t mean you need to splurge and buy new furniture.

In fact, one of the best ways to update your space while still keeping your home feeling like home is to introduce a few new accents.

Vases are a versatile accessory for any space.  Whether you’re using it to create a centerpiece, hold flowers, or as a stand-alone accent, a vase can be a beautiful focal point of a mantle, counter, or table.
Nothing says spring like fresh-cut flowers in a clean vase. After all, who doesn’t love the scent and ambiance a lovely bouquet creates?

To welcome the season into your home, here are a few vases we love for spring:


1. The Kanist Vase is simple and versatile, perfect for short or medium stem bouquets with big blooms.




2. Dwell Studio’s Faceted White Vase has a chic, contemporary look with its modern edges and unique geometrical shape.  It’s perfect for flowers with big blooms, like hydrangeas or even to grow Aloe Vera, succulents, or kitchen herbs.  Because it looks so much like a sculpture, it’s great even as a stand-alone piece.





3. The Vasen Vase is a homestay classic, traditional with its cylindrical hourglass shape.




4. Pottery Barn’s Reed-Wrapped Vase brings a natural elegance and is a steal at only $5.99.




5. These Bleached Wood Vases are crafted from mango wood from Thailand.
Their light colors and organic texture will bring a sense of the natural outdoors into your space.




6. Birch Lane’s Canton 6-Piece Vase Set set is sturdy with a vintage feel, not to mention adaptable, allowing you to display flowers, twigs, and fronds, or create small sprays to show dimension in your bouquets.  Group them together for a grand display or spread them out around your home to brighten up each room.



7. Carolina Silva of Dorotea Ceramics designed her Windswell Vases to be reminiscent of family heirlooms with rustic imperfections and hand-crafted details.



8. These Kolya Vases are simply designed with neutral colors and rough textures so they can easily bring a bit of clean and natural grit into any space.


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