How To Overcome Jealousy
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How To Overcome Jealousy At Work

At some point in your life, you’ve experienced that very familiar feeling that we all know as jealousy.

We aren’t proud to admit it, but we all feel it once and a while.

Though this emotion has a stigma attached to it, feeling even the smallest amount of jealousy can be an opportunity for self-growth, personal evolvement, and understanding within one’s self.

You may think that this common feeling is uncontrollable, but the truth is there is always a way to get in touch with that emotional seed that can potentially eat away at you. Jealousy can actually be good for you!

In this post, we are not talking about jealousy in terms of romantic relationships; rather, we’re talking about feeling jealous of people who have achieved or are achieving something that you have not.

Here are 5 achievable tips that will aid you in controlling your jealousy.

How To Overcome Jealousy

1. AA: Admitting and Awareness

In order to have any type of control over jealousy, first you must admit that you are feeling jealous, and become fully aware of these feelings.

Separate yourself from the emotion.

Recognize that you are not a jealous person; rather, you are feeling jealousy.

Once you are aware, then it becomes easier to identify the actual cause and root of your jealousy.

Sometimes keeping a journal or a diary can help with this process.


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2. Identify

Next, identify the specific cause of your feelings. It can feel overwhelming to piece apart your feelings, but if you identify the specific cause, then you will be able to understand a little bit more about yourself.

More often than not, feeling jealousy for another person has nothing to do with him or her. Instead, it has to do with insecurities that you are feeling inside of yourself. You will need to identify why you are feeling this way. Once you have identified the root cause, allow yourself to feel inspired. Do something for yourself that makes you proud, or want to share with someone else.

Check out these way to identify your true inner value and make yourself proud!

3. Refocus Your Energy

The time and energy you are putting toward feeling jealousy is a waste of time.

Let it go. 

Refocus that energy on rebuilding yourself. You’ve actually been granted a gift: you now are able to see what exactly you are not comfortable with about yourself. Now, treat that part of you with compassion and care. Let yourself know that you are alright just the way you are. Remember your accomplishments and feel proud of them.

4. Work On Your Goals

Now it’s time to start working toward your goals. Start working on the parts of you that feels inadequate and insecure. Think about the things you did recently to achieve your goals recently, and feel proud of that. If you can’t think of anything that you’ve done recently to achieve your goals, well, you have a place to start.

Make a plan for yourself that involves action, don’t focus so much on the achieving.

If you commit a steady, sustained, loving effort toward your dreams, the achievements will come with time – achievements you didn’t realize even existed! And if you remain focused on your craft and your vision, there will be no time to be jealous but only inspired. In fact, the path to your dreams is greater than you can imagine.

5. Embrace An Attitude Shift

Embracing an attitude shift toward the person you were feeling jealous of is the hardest part of the process. In some circumstances, it comes with time. But, remember, any energy you are putting toward jealousy is wasted. There are so many things you can be doing for yourself, rather than focusing on someone else (who is quite frankly doing their own thing). Sooner or later, you will be able to interact with this person and not feel negativity.

Eliminate even more negativity from your life by ending relationships with those who are toxic.

Once you have reached this point, you will have truly grown. And that kind of growth is so worth it.

Always remember, you are human at the end of the day but you also have what it takes to be the best YOU possible!


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    Imani Wisdom
    December 1, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    I can relate to this post. Recently I noticed I have some jealously issues toward other women. I took that opportunity to reevaluate my sense of self and changed my thought process. Now instead of finding the flaws, I celebrate who she is. There’s nothing wrong with admiring her beauty INSIDE and OUT.

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