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Learn How To “Own Your Glow” With Latham Thomas’s New Book!

How do you feel in your own skin? Strong? Powerful? Confident?

Or maybe uncertain? Sometimes disconnected? Even less than? For ages, women have second-guessed themselves when it comes to their appearances. With so many different messages, criticisms, and even entertainment based solely on judging appearances, it’s no mystery why women are self-conscious.

But at the end of the day, beauty transcends the physical and as time will tell, it is ultimately defined by the qualities that aren’t easily visible. It’s important to know that true beauty begins from the inside.

Today, Latham Thomas shares with us an excerpt of her new book, Own Your Glow, in hopes to inspire women everywhere to embrace their femininity to handle the challenges of life head-on with intentionality, positivity, and passion.

By: Latham Thomas

Beauty Is an Inside Job

As a little black girl, I noticed very early on that my skin color was not celebrated in the books I read, on TV, in ad campaigns, or among the dolls I had to choose from. My mother affirmed me with black history and positive imagery and bought me chocolate-skinned Cabbage Patch dolls. Even still, I had to affirm myself as I grew up. It’s something I do every day. I speak blessings upon myself. I remind myself that I am beautiful. I am not just affirming my appearance, but my existence. I am here both to be and to create beauty.

Society constantly makes us feel less than who we are.

We are inundated with images of someone else’s supposed ideal. As a result, 8 of 10 women do not like what they see when they look in the mirror. We want to appear thinner, taller, and more “beautiful,” and we neglect the beauty within. We have to learn how to see beyond the glass.

If you’re worried about your belly bulge, the freckles on your face, or the kink of your curly locks, know that you are not alone.

So many of us objectify ourselves by looking in the mirror and seeing ourselves as a collection of parts and not ourselves as a whole. The mirror does not capture your story and your depth, your world. You are not two-dimensional; you are multifaceted.

The world may not celebrate or acknowledge your beauty, your skin tone, your shape, your size, your hair texture, your teeth, your breast cup, or the circumference of your thighs, but when you look in the mirror, when you strip down to your naked self, what do you see?

When you look at your reflection, is it a means of affirmation, checking to see if your outfit looks good, or is it a means for self- criticism? Are you using the mirror to speak blessings on yourself, to gaze upon yourself, and to acknowledge how special you are?

RITUAL: Fasting from Your Reflection


In an effort to get right with your body and to offset the vanity that we all have, I want you to consider fasting from mirrors. Transform your self-image and focus less on how you look and more on how you want to feel.
How long you fast is up to you, but I want you to commit. Start with a full day. At the beginning of the day, follow your morning routine as usual—washing your face, brushing your teeth, styling your hair. You can go makeup free. Cover your mirrors at home if you feel tempted to look. Ignore the reflective surfaces on the street as you move through your day as well.
For a less intense version of the exercise, you can start the day using the mirror to get ready in the morning and then mirror fast for the remainder of the day, which means no makeup touch-ups out- side of refreshing your lipstick, which you can do without looking in the mirror.
Ready for a makeup fast? Try a Simple Saturday No-Makeup Challenge.

Notice what comes up for you emotionally. Write about how this makes you feel.

Do you feel more or less secure in yourself?
How many times are you tempted to look in the mirror?
What’s motivating you to look into the mirror?
Are you judging yourself even when you aren’t looking in the mirror?
This is a ritual you might incorporate on a regular basis, once a week, or once a month to reset. Perhaps it’s part of a dedicated day of glow time, your self-care practice. Then we can reaffirm ourselves when we look at our mirrors daily.
(excerpted from OWN YOUR GLOW: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within, new book by Latham Thomas) 

About the Author

Latham Thomas, a.k.a. Glow Maven, is a celebrity wellness/ lifestyle maven and birth doula- transforming not only how women give birth to their babies, but how they give rise to the best version of themselves. Named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100 – a enlightened group of leaders elevating humanity with their work- Latham is helping women embrace optimal wellness and spiritual growth as a pathway to owning their power.

She is the founder of Mama Glow a lifestyle brand and highly-regarded website offering inspiration, education, and holistic services for expectant and new mamas. A graduate of Columbia University and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Latham serves on the TUFTS University Nutrition Council. Latham is best-selling author of “Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy,” a go-to wellness guide for expecting mothers endorsed by Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr Mark Hyman, Christy Turlington Burns & more.

Latham’s highly anticipated second book, Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living And Crowning The Queen Within, debuts September of 2017, Hay House. Having cultivated her wellness practice over nearly a decade, she has served as a doula and lifestyle guru for celebrity clients, including: Alicia Keys, Debra Lee, Rebecca Minkoff, Tamera Mowry, DJ Khaled, Venus and Serena Williams, and more. Latham’s leading a revolution in radical self-care teaching women everywhere to “mother themselves first.” She was named one of the “Top 100 Women To Watch In Wellness” by Mind Body Green and has been featured in Fast Company, Wall Street Journal Magazine, FORBES, SELF, Essence, and more. Latham has graced the covers of New York Family Magazine, Experience Life, La Fashionista Compassionista, Heart and Soul, and has a few more exciting covers coming this fall. She is the proud mother of 14-year-old DJ prodigy and entrepreneur, DJ Fulano.

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