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The Perfect Ritual For Sensitive Skin

I’ve always been plagued with sensitive, oily skin, so I’m not one to play with pretty, new skincare products.

By Ajableu Oldham

When I discovered Pai Skincare at iBE in Manhattan, something about this brand felt right. Whereas other skincare brands promote their trendy, exciting ingredients and their expensive packaging, this skincare brand focused specifically on the issues pertaining to sensitive, problematic (in my case, oily) skin.

I have been using their products for about a month now, and my skin is glowing in a way that it has not with other skincare products. I’m so in love, I needed to sit down and analyze this A+ skincare line.

pai-blogger-reviewAbout The Line

Free of parabens, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, detergents (stuff like SLS), and artificial fragrance, Pai Skincare products are designed to balance your skin’s natural pH.

Here is the list of products that I’ve been using, and my skin is very happy.

The Perfect Ritual For Sensitive Skin Using Pai Skincare

Step 1: Cleanse

Your introduction to this sensitive skin care routine is through Pai’s line of cleansers, in my case Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. It comes with a mesclun cloth, one side for normal cleaning and the other side for gentle exfoliation.

Exfoliation is a tricky part of the skincare process for people like me since it is necessary to scrub away dead skin cells, but the exfoliation process also irritates the skin causing it to become inflamed. By using the mesclun cloth, you reduce your risk of causing a reaction.

This gentle, soothing cleanser feels great. I particularly love to use this line in the morning. I generally cannot use skin care products twice per day, as usually directed on the label, because it causes my skin to react and get puffy. Not with Pai.


Step 2: Tone

There’s something very special about the Rice Plant & Rosemary Bio Affinity TonicToning has always been a step that I skip because I feel like the ingredients strip my skin, after having already cleansed, but I honestly look forward to this tonic. Look how much I’ve already used.

This toner contains the skin-benefiting minerals calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Its active antioxidants cool and rebalance skin, making it ideal for combination skin types.  –

Step 3: Mask

I love the deep, clean feeling Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA MaskThe consistency is thick, like clay. It’s also cooling and great for when my face is feeling sore and inflamed.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids accelerate cell renewal to brighten skin tone, remove dead cells and smooth the skin’s surface. China Clay draws helps to decongest the skin, drawing out impurities without any dryness or tightness.  –

I tried the Deep Cleanse AHA Mask for the first time last night (I confess) and was surprised by the cool, tingly sensation that it evoked. This silky clay mask is ideal for combination or blemish-prone skin that is also prone to sensitivity.

Read more about how to treat oily, acne-prone skin naturally.


Step 4: Treat

Next, treat your skin with Rosehip BioRegenerate OilIts high concentrations of essential nutrients feed the skin, fuelling its essential overnight regeneration processes without the slightest sign of irritation.

It’s been three weeks thus far, and my skin has not reacted in the slightest, even using the serum. In fact, my skin is truly more clear, balanced, and non-reactive.

Andean Rosehip Oil is renowned for its skin healing properties. High concentrations of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, plus antioxidant carotenoids help repair and protect the skin against environmental stresses and visible damage.  –


Step 5: Moisturize

Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream rebalances oily and combination skin to combat blemishes, blackheads, and breakouts. I love this cleanser because it isn’t too rich and creamy. After applying this light, fluffy formulation to my face, I feel ready to apply my makeup.

If you have sensitive skin like mine, this skincare line is a great place to start.

Tell us in the comments: what is your skin type? What ingredients do you avoid?

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