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Pistaché Skincare Incorporates Tasty Pistachios In Their Products

Pistachios are tasty and healthy treats that are filled with essential nutrients. They are known to help with weight management and improve heart health. But did you know that they can also be used effectively for hair and skin care?

Pistaché Skincare utilizes the oil in pistachios to formulate their natural hair and skin health products. We discovered them at the Los Angeles Indie Beauty Expo earlier this year. I was able to try out their Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic AcidExfoliating Clay Cleanser with Glycolic Acid, and Eye Serum with Vitamin C.

By Zeila Edrial

So why does Pistaché Skincare products use pistachio oil?Pistaché Skincare

Pistachio oil contains Vitamin E, which protects your skin from UV rays and helps prevent skin diseases, according to StyleCraze. It also combats aging and provides fatty acids that promotes natural skin glow.

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In addition, pistachio oil also contains lutein. Lutein is most known to help prevent eye disorders, but it is also beneficial to the skin. It promotes healthy skin by helping fight against skin cancer.

I’m currently incorporating Pistaché Skincare’s Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid into my evening skincare ritual.

I apply two drops of the serum to my face and neck before I follow it up with a moisturizer. The hyaluronic acid is said to hold 1,000 its weight in water, making it the perfect tool f0r hydrating my skin. This serum is also known to be an anti-aging product. My face feels firmer after using the hydrating serum!

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Kimberly Elise Alchemy 27

The Exfoliating Clay Cleanser with Glycolic Acid can be used as an effective mask to detoxify skin.

I use it as an exfoliating mask once a week. I allow it to dry on my face for five minutes before I wash it off. It leaves my skin cleaner and smoother after application.

The clay in the cleanser buffs away dead skin cells, which helps clear my skin. The glycolic acid also clears blackheads and helps reduce pigmentation, which were the two issues that I needed help with.

Lastly, the Eye Serum with Vitamin C hydrates the area around my eyes.Pistaché Skincare

I’ll be honest, I don’t get as much sleep as I should. This led to bags around my eyes and me looking tired all the time. But Pistaché Skincare’s eye serum cured that problem by revitalizing my eye area.

The Vitamin C tightens the skin around my eyes and restores their youthful look. Furthermore, the eye serum includes Persian Silk Tree. This ingredient can “shield against environmental and dietary toxins.”


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