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Podcast: Mindfulness vs. Multitasking, How to Boost Productivity

If you’re in the mindset that multitasking can help you get the most done, you’re not alone.

However, trying to do too many things at once can often lead to stress and work being left unfinished. That’s where mindfulness comes in. In this podcast, we discuss how to use mindfulness to boost productivity.

By: Emma Stessman

I’m talking to two of my biggest inspirations when it comes to getting things done, Dina Sabatelli, my go-to mindfulness resource, and my sister, Madeline Stessman, a music festival planner who expertly conquers every unexpected task that comes her way. And you don’t want to miss out on what they have to say!

Together, we’re debunking the myth  that is multitasking, and breaking down how the practice of mindfulness can help you be the most productive version of yourself. Tune in as we talk disconnecting, self-care, and taking things one at a time!

If you’re ever feeling too overwhelmed with tasks, try these tips for preventing stress and burnout.

Have any other tips for productivity? Let us know in the comments below!

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