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Why We Love Two Strand Twists

When I started my natural hair journey two years ago, twists were my go-to style.

They are super easy for beginners to master and they looked cute when completed on wet or dry hair. Doing them on wet hair ensures more volume, but dry stretched hair gives twists more length.

I prefer doing the twists on dry hair and adding water to refresh them as I wear the style for a few weeks. Two strand twists are the perfect low manipulation style for any season. Here is how I prepped for and styled my two strand twists.

How To Prep Your Hair For Two-Strand Twists

Clean and Moisturize The first you need to do is prepare your hair before any protective style. Before I did my two strand twists, I made sure my hair was well moisturized and stretched. Having 4c hair, I wanted to stretch my hair before I twisted because 4c natural hair shrinks more than other types.

Detangle To ensure optimal detangling, I sectioned my hair into four braids and secured each braid at the base of my head with a scrunchie. I conditioned each braid and washed my hair completely while my hair was secured in braids. This allowed me to individually take care of each section without allowing my hair to revert and shrink. After my hair was washed I blow dried my hair in the four sections. Working my way through each section with different brushes and combs, to get my hair stretched to my liking for the next day.

two-strand-twistsNext Up, Twisting Your Hair

Twist It Up and Set This is the most time consuming part, but one of the easiest. First you need to plan which way you want you twists to fall. If you like your part on a particular side, the twists at front will need to fall in that direction. Twists should be stacked diagonally in order to give them a natural fall pattern. With dry twists you will still need to add moisture when twisting to give them some volume of flow. Use your favorite moisturizers, oils, and styler gel if desired for prolonged wear. The size of the twists is all up to you. I decided to go with medium sized twists that were small enough to last for a few weeks. Typically, the smaller the twists the longer they will last.


I wore my twists down for the first few days and then got more creative. This Style, pictured below, didn’t take much time at all! All I did was gather my twists in the back, roll them inward, and secure them in the back with bobby pins. This style would be even easier if you use a claw clip that can bunch together more hair than a bobby pin.

IMG_1530 (1)

My other favorite styles include a two strand twist crown braid, simple bun, and a bun look with bangs. I wore my twists in Southern California and during a trip to snowy Wyoming. They held up nicely in both climates!


Twists are great protective styles because once they’re in there isn’t much left to do to maintain them. When my twists needed a refresher I would just get them wet while in the shower and watch the ends curl up again. Just made sure to add oils and moisturizers when needed and wear a protective scarf at night.

And that is why we love two strand twists at, they’re efficient, stylish, and protect your hair from damage. If you need a break from constant styling I strongly recommend giving these a try!



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