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Recipes: Just Like Mom Used To Make… Almost

Remember when you got home from school and Mom had snacks ready and waiting for you?  Or maybe finding something special in your lunch bag during snack time?

We sure do! To celebrate the month of May and motherhood, the editors of KimberlyElise.com are reminiscing and revamping a few of our favorite childhood snacks.

By: Elizabeth Toy


Photo Source: ConnoisseurusVeg

Peanut Butter Toast

It’s no surprise that peanut butter is a nostalgic food for so many, including myself. Despite that it wasn’t a traditional breakfast food from the motherland that my grandma made for my grandpa and herself, she always came through with “special” breakfasts for me.

A glass of warmed milk alongside a slice of steamed bread, spread with Skippy peanut butter, luxuriously melted and soft from the steam, was enough to satisfy a young girl’s sweet tooth and make an impression on her, decades later.

Sure, it sounds unconventional; most people use a toaster. But Grandpa was from the north, and in the north, they ate steamed bread so Grandma, from the south, followed suit.

Nonetheless, this simple snack became ingrained in my mind, palate, and heart as comfort breakfast food, ever since.

You probably won’t need a recipe for peanut butter toast, but check out Connoisseurus Veg’s recipe for Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast!

Embrace berry season: make this Strawberry French Toast recipe.


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Cheese Sticks


Photo Source: HellYeahItsVegan

“I remember when I had chicken pox in kindergarten; I had to stay home for a while.

But I got to lie on the couch eating cheese sticks while watching The Muppet Babies.

Despite being sick, I enjoyed being lazy at home while my mom took care of me.”

-Zeila, Associate Editor


Make these Vegan Mozzerella Sticks by HellYeahItsVegan for the same classic snack without the dairy.

Have you tried cashew cheese? Check out these delicious, melty recipes.


Crisp Cucumber Slices


Photo Source: One Green Planet

“As a child, I had a number of favorite snacks. However, my all-time favorite was sliced cucumbers.

Whenever I was hungry (but) had already eaten dinner, my mom would whip up her famous cucumbers that included a new ingredient on them each time.

If it wasn’t Italian dressing, it was some type of seasoning, drizzled in a salad dressing that would increase its overall flavor.”

– Erika, Editorial Intern

Refresh your cucumber game this summer with this Basil and Cucumber Salad.  Or if you prefer something a little sweeter, make this Cucumber Peach Salad.


pumpkin seeds recipe

Photo Source: Pinterest

Pumpkin Seeds

Growing up my mom would take my siblings and me to a local pumpkin patch every year where we’d pick and carve our own pumpkins.

Instead of throwing away the insides of the pumpkin, we would strain out the seeds, bake them with salt, then eat them together while watching a movie.” 

– Emily, Editorial Intern

Here are 6 Ways To Use Your Leftover Pumpkin Seeds.








Quinoa Porridge

Executive Editor Ajableu recalls enjoying another breakfast staple: quinoa porridge.

High in protein, fiber, and iron instead, this superfood is great for gluten-free folks.

Try making this Hemsley + Hemsley Quinoa Instant Porridge recipe.




Photo Source: MinimalistBaker





Always a popular favorite, cheese takes center stage with snacks. We all remember the cheese and crackers or cheesy crackers we munched on when we were young, just like contributor Mallory recalls.

Store-bought packaged Cheez-its contain preservatives, but yours don’t have to. Check out Minimalist Baker’s recipe for Vegan Cheez-Its. No dairy, no cheese. Just delicious crunchy, cheesy flavor.





What kind of snacks did your mom pack for you when you were a kid? Share with us in the comments!

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