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Revisiting Goals: Show Your True Grit In July

Here we are in July… which officially marks the halfway point in the year!Speaking of which, remember those New Year’s resolutions you made 6 months ago? How are they coming along?

This mid-year point is a good time to reassess the goals you set for yourself back in January. And for those you haven’t quite achieved them, consider that you may want to either re-energize them, redefine them, or release them altogether.

But ultimately, here’s the thing with goals and resolutions: We need to stop looking at them as do or die markers.

Now this can be a big challenge for many of us, especially if you are like me, admittedly a perfectionist. Goals are a perfectionist’s motivational blessing and self-judgment curse.

Over the course of my life, especially in my 20s, I would make lists of goals and ambitions I aimed to achieve. Many of those things came to fruition, but not a single one came according to the plan I laid out.

For me, the time between writing a goal and seeing it manifest has always been filled with surprises, set backs, unexpected gains, and countless lessons.

Now, older, I have learned to set a goal and then rather than locking my gaze on the end result, I really focus on and allow myself to experience the small steps in the journey between here and there.

To me, that is what true grit looks like – not pushing, pushing, pushing – but rather, gently making a way or allowing the way to be shown and flowing with it as it does.

It’s about having the patience to trust the process and knowing that you will get there – exactly where you are meant to be, exactly when you are supposed to get there.

So, lists and resolutions are great, checking in on them is awesome, and allowing them (or releasing them) is vital.

Yet, the real mark of an achiever is one who knows that their end goal is really just an adventure, comprised of bits and pieces of experiences that are built up along the way to a destination that is more than likely, greater than anything they ever originally dreamed to achieve.

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    Tyffany Howard
    July 21, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Kimberly…Thanks for your conscious insight. Your take on life resonates with me. And I am a vegan as well. I appreciate how you show up in the world. Much love, Sister!

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