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Here’s A Spiritual Healing Treatment To Clear “Black Energy”

Do you find yourself lethargic, stressed out, or unable to think clearly? Are you plagued with excessive negative thoughts or suffer from physical illness?

According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, these are signs of black energy covering you. However, there are options to take to start your spiritual healing, such as a salt water treatment.

salt bathHere’s How To Do It

  1. Fill a bucket with water to a level above your ankles.
  2. Next, add two tablespoons of rock salt into the bucket.
  3. Then, immerse your feet in the water for 10 to 15 minutes. You can maximize the discharge of black energy by making sure your feet are apart from each other.
  4. You can also increase the effectiveness of this spiritual healing by praying during the process.
  5. Once enough time has elapsed, offer a prayer of gratitude for the healing. You can then remove your feet and wipe them on a towel.
  6. Lastly, you can drain the water and rinse the bucket with fresh water. The towels should be washed separately.


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The Spiritual Science Research Foundation’s goal is to “educate society on the spiritual dimension and how it affects our lives.” They hypothesize that we all emit spiritual vibrations. Unfortunately, there are more negative energies than positive energies in the world. You can follow a sustained spiritual practice to achieve positive vibrations. In the end, your spirit should feel lighter. The salt water treatment will expel the black energy surround you.

Prayer is an example of a spiritual self-care practice.

salt water treatment

“Worldly desires breeds negative vibrations.”

Egotism and greed are just a few qualities that will attract negative energy. Moreover, materialism and addictions can also draw this negative energy. A “blackish energy” can more easily possess and take control of people who indulge in these qualities.

The black energy weighs us down emotionally and physically. As a result, we become drained.

Luckily, a salt water treatment has the ability to suck out this negative black energy.

And all you need is a bucket of water and rock salt.


However, warding off negative energy is an ongoing effort.

You can continue to foster positive vibrations by adopting a morning ritual or meditating.

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